A young lady was abused by her uncle

Life is beautiful when you live it rightly don’t let anyone cult your life short

There’s this young lady that was sent to her uncle house to live with her uncle and his wife so that they can help train her in school because her family wasn’t finically okay to afford her education.

this young cleaver girl has to do all the house work including the cooking , take care of her uncle children and make sure she takes them to school , but her uncle refuses to send her to school as promised, his wife look for any little opportunity to beat her up with big sticks and any other objects that is close to her at that particular time, not minding that she might actually injure her of which she doses every time, now the most painful thing about this story is that her uncle sexually abused her several times and whenever she tried to tell her mother each time she visited the uncle will lied on her that she is a thief and still beat her up. Her mother could not believe her because of the trust she had for her brother

Until he finally got her pregnant and gave her an abortion pills that finally made her loses her life .

If her mother had listened to her it wouldn’t have gotten to that point

you see why is very important for parents to listen to their children when they are trying to pass a message? The young girl mother still lives in guilt till today .

abuse is everywhere , please report it if you notice any ; you never can tell when u can actually save someone life.

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