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This is AATHREYA – Bala Krishna with a poetic treat
Me a New Yorker , a resident of Rochester
After A Blissful Makara Sankraanthi , The festival of Harvest
Wished Alike The Best , Friend , Relative And Guest
Past Are Three Days of Merrymaking , Joy And Feast
Time To Have A Break , Take Stock And Go On A Diet
I wish Everyone Prosperity And plenty To The Utmost

The Sun , Our Star , Safe On Uttharaayan , Northern Sojour
Inching Forward To Aquarius In Zodiac – Kumbhayaan
Thanks To Our Moon , Sun And Planets In Constellation

Cold And Chill Still Persisting In The Night
Warmth Picking Up In The Day’s Sun Light
Vome Wednesday , March 14 , 2012
In Pisces is Sun our Star
Spring is around the corner Take Comfort
on Wednessday ,March 21 , 2012 happy thought

Let It Henceforth bring forward the Best
Of peace , joy and creativity to the utmost


Come March , an awakening of spirit , hopes and dreams
Birds are chirping , Sun bright and shining , Trees blooming
A new beginning - Spring , that is Vasanth stirring our ambitions

First came , Thursday , March 22 , 2012 Lunar New Year Ugaadi
It goes by the name NANDANA a Happy Telugu New Year
Then Came , few days later Persian New Year Irani Nav Roz
Tuesday , March 27 , 201n Sri Lakshmi Fifth Day ( Sri panchami )
Vasanth Ninth Day,Star punarvasu , Sree Raama Navami on 31 March 2012 , Saturday
Celestial Wedding of Sree Raama of Ayodhya And Amma Seetha Of Mithila
Celebrated all over , Seetha - Rama Kalyaanam- Holy Divine Couple Marriage ceremony
All along Sun is biding in Pisces ( Meenam )
Sun entering Mesham ( Aries ) - Mesha Sankramanam sometime In April 14 th day
Auguring of Solar New Year .

Let us all welcome Spring , a fountain of hope
Wishing all happiness , prosperity , that is boundless

May all fulfill what ever they wish for and may all live in peace and harmony.
So it is written by AATHREYA - Ramaraju Bala krishna Murthy

Northern America
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