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Accelerating my Pulse

On the day that Mutale Kapekele will be lowered into her grave, I want the world to remember me through the works that I am doing now and in the very near future. I want them to say, there goes Mutale, a champion and relentless fighter for human rights, a world class journalist, a good mother, a mentor, the voice of the Woman!
The vision for my life revolves around those issues I have mentioned. I want to be at the top of the human rights watch group, an active participant in the field of journalism, the one calling that I can never live without; journalism is my life and lives at the core of my very existence.
I want my two daughters to tell their children and grandchildren that I was the best mother they could ever have. I also want to assist those coming behind me with mentorship as my contribution to realizing their dreams. But above all, I want to be the vuvuzela (trumpet) for women issues.
My community here in Zambia is woven in traditions and culture that have since time in memorial disadvantaged the woman. I want my children to live in a community that gives equal opportunities to boys and girls. I want them to enjoy all the freedom that their male contemporaries have.
I want to see a Zambian community that does not discriminate anyone and that accepts divergent views, a community that is tolerant and respects every human being regardless of their status in society.
I know that it’s not possible to change a community overnight or even in a life time. But it is important to set the wheels of change in motion. That is what those who saw the wrongs of my community did long ago. My duty now is to insure that those wheels of change in attitudes are always oiled so that they keep on moving. I want to push the wheels of change for a few miles and in the right direction before I can say “my job is done.”
I know that I am just a tiny voice in the big huge world but I want to see a world that promotes justice and peace, a world that embraces love- love for all, male and female. I want to live in a world that promotes freedoms and human rights. A world where I’m free to be what I want to be and what I already am.
Education – formal and informal, is my best chance of achieving my visions, aspirations and goals. I am not blind to the fact that I have a lot to learn before I can confidently say the journey to my vision’s realization has started. I am still learning baby steps.
I’m confident that becoming the Voices of Our Future Correspondent will be a good lift to reaching my vision.
I know that as a VOF Correspondent, I will be able to speak for the little girl who is living the hell of defilement, for that teenage girl whose parents would rather invest in their boys’ education, for the widow whose property is grabbed because tradition says so, for the house wife who is constantly battered, for the single woman who is considered a failure for not marrying, for that woman who is always told she is nothing. I want to speak for the woman whose hope is fading. I want my voice to be her restored hope, to speak for her, to make her powerful, to give her a reason to demand her rights! I want to be the one celebrating and publicizing the success stories of the woman.
Above all, I want my voice to join my global family at PulseWire, to accelerate the Pulse and make the world a better place for the woman.

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