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Add your voice to that of women peacebuilders in Cameroon

Dear sisters

Greetings from Cameroon. Happy new year 2020!!!! Many of us as changemakers in different domains with a common goal of making the lives of women and girls better are making various commitments for 2020 in our work plan.

I come to you this day to employ you to add advocating for the peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon to your work plan. For sisters who have not heard what is going on here is the problem: there has been an ongoing crisis in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon for more than 3years now. The conflict turned violent for 2years now leading to killings, destruction and displacement of people especially women and children. About 55,000 are refugees and about 955,000 are displaced according to recent statistics from United Nations Cameroon. 

Following the speeches and declarations of various opinion holders at the close of last year we foresee more violent clashes between soldiers and fighters. For more information google 'Anglophone crisis'. The question now is how do sisters on this platform come in? My sisters we count on you to add your voices by joining the activities of women peacebuilders in Cameroon. I am current the general coordinator of the South West North West Women Taskforce SNWOT, a group of women peacebuilders from the affected regions, who want to contribute significantly in the peaceful resolution of the conflict as well as ensure women's participation at all levels of the peace process. You as a sister can add your voice to our advocacy and lobbying as a women's movement for peace. You can 

-Share, like or comment on our activities on Facebook page or twitter @snwot4

-Show solidarity by wearing our advocacy colors black dress and/or an orange scarf and sending out a message for an end to violence and a call for peace to return

- Use our hashtags in your write ups #EndHositilities #InclusiveAndSincereDialogue, #CeasefireNow, #PeacefulResolutionNWSW #SNWOT4PEACE

-Volunteer to teach or support the coalition empower women and girls with digital skills to participate in most of our online campaigns since the environment is getting hostile by the day

-Send hugs and love for women peacebuilders in the North West NW and South West SW Regions in Cameroon as they work tirelessly for peace.

I sincerely appreciate your time and commitment to add your voice to the peace building efforts of women and girls in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. 

In sisterhood 

Sally Mboumien


Human Rights
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