Adolescent empowerment

A study done in Nigeria has indicated that the proportion of GBV ranges from 31 to 61 percent for emotional and mental violence, 20 to 31 percent for sex-related violence, and 7 to 31 percent for physical and bodily violence, in which osun state does not have any record yet due to low awareness although there was a review of gender based law was domesticated but implementation hasn't been done.

The former government of osun state trained over 300 to 400 people on gender based violence, however the organisation deems it fit due to the uprising issues around gender based violence amongst adolescents and young persons which needs to be eradicated I own an NGO that advocates for gender based violence,female genital mutilation, mental health issues,drug abuse,child health and education so we have a project coming up this October where we want to create our clubs in secondary schools and have talks with them

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