I believe that in the company of women, there should always be an avenue to chip in discussions that will uplift each other and promote our cause. Telling women about a platform that is so exciting for women to connect with each other and network for the greater good. I tell women that World Pulse is an excellent platform for this purpose.

During our visit to the IDP camp in Kaduna, I found a great opportunity to introduce the women and girls to World Pulse. Despite the limited access to mobile phones in the camp, I found it essential to share this platform with them. Many of these women and girls have experienced challenging circumstances, having been displaced from their homes and forced to live together with other families. Many have lost loved ones to the security issues affecting their communities, and they have much to share.

After introducing them to World Pulse, the girls especially feel excited to share their stories on the platform and connect with other women who can help them overcome the challenges of their traumatic experiences. However, a significant challenge they are faced with is the lack of access to internet-enabled phones and mobile data required to keep them actively on the platform.

Currently, I am working with one of the girls who has a phone to figure out strategies for navigating this issue. If there are any ideas, you have that could help provide a solution; please share them.

It is amazing that we continue to help women and girls overcome their various challenges as we strive for better days. Keep up the good work everyone!


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