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America, the Un-beautiful

America's "800-pound gorilla in the room" will shock many, as America has a false reputation for being exceptional as a nation of guaranteed freedom and fairness. In truth, sadly, it is a nation of discrimination against the female sex, several races, religions, and the disabled.

We American girls and women cry for other nations with more horrendous discriminations than we endure. Cruelties beyond imagination, but some are real in America, too. Overlooked and hidden are tragedies here of trafficking, undisciplined rapes and violence against women and even babies. These are not the rule as in other sorry nations, but they are evident and ignored. American women must speak out assertively for ourselves successfully before we can effectively work to free others.

I was a "naughty" little American girl who questioned these happenings I heard about. And I stayed questioning. I asked my sweet mother why "the boys" in class were given special attention yet misbehaved. Mother sighed, "It's just the way things are." I grew up, a pretty smart girl and irreverently kept asking Why. My questioning turned to challenge when I wanted to go to college and my father told me he would not pay for that "because you are 'just a girl'". I banged my fist on the table saying, "when I grow up, I will Do Something About That. I worked hard and put myself through college defiantly.

I became a Nurse Practitioner because I wanted to treat patients more wholistically than I saw American traditional Medicine doing.

I am an 82 year-old American woman with quite a few credentials behind my name, and so have mounted a powerful campaign here to liberate girls and women with full citizenship benefits and full personhood alongside our males:
I am now an unpaid lobbyist for the 93 year-old Equal Rights Amendment legislation that adds us females to our United States Constitution. The ERA would be added to that American "law of the land" alongside our right to vote, which took eons, much work and agony, some deaths, to achieve by 1920!

I have been working for free with ERA supporters for going on 17 years here in America. It has taken us all day, every day. There is monstrous opposition to making the ERA official in our Constitution, as one of our two political parties is adamant against us females achieving equal wages with males for the same job. We average only 79% of a male's wage now. That puts one in seven elderly American working women in poverty! Their survival depends on Americans' income taxes to support their basic needs. So, our objecting cry is that the average American basically pays to fill the pay gap that our big businesses refuse to pay.

A Constitutional ERA in place would correct that and would make sex discrimination of all kinds a Violation of our US Constitution--a corrective action that could act to change America's perverse sex-unequal treatment. More women in our legislative body than the current 20%, changing its climate to cover all Americans, not just our males. ERA would reduce rapes, trafficking, tax rates, boost America's real image, put more women in elected office and in better-paying jobs thus increasing revenues and clearing up the missing 52% from societies full benefits.

When you make sure that American females are correctly given missing citizen rights, you raise more successful workers, make the nation free of sexual crimes and disdain for us females.

THEN, we are freed to work with other nations for the same freedom.
We are bold and committed female Americans. We ask that we be able to shine our light to boost ALL females everywhere.

And this little challenging girl will have succeeded. I refuse to die until then.

(PS I am not at my own computer, so please ask again for images etc. Thank you
I'm sure other nations' people scoff at our complaints. Just remember

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