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Her name is Melon. She's a BSC degree in philosophy. She started doing her masters and stopped, ...that's how i heard about her. The same story she repeated to me is this. I mate her in a small group at the international

I called her few minutes earlier. Someone found her carrying a baby two weeks ago, and text me because i was the one who communicate with her better from others.

Melon's parents died and the house and belongings has been taken by her siblings. She used to sleep at every member's place, saying;\"I'm not settled yet, buy am looking for a house to rent.\" She goes from house to house to spend her nights. First day i meet her, in a young couple's house. The wife is American and the husband was Ethiopian. As i learned later, she stayed with them for six good months.

We went for a retreat outside of my city, and that's how we came very close. She asked me many days to give her money for transport, to buy her lunch and I did. I asked her if she wanted to work, and sent her to the editor in chief of The Ethiopian Herald. She went there, did the interview. He gave her titles to write some stories and to get back to him, she didn't. I refused to give her money because she was not willing to work.

She got a job to teach in a University in the rural area, she left the student before they finish their exams and came back to Addis Ababa. I asked her why? She said she came to apply for a scholarship in Paris, but she didn't succeed and again the students had to add one year to graduate.

She disappeared from Addis or from the places I see her. It's almost two years since i saw her last.

One of my friend, a Ghanian lady text me on Watsapp to tell me she found Melon with a white baby. Melon loves Caucasians a lot. But she is not a type of woman who sleeps with a man. She cut her hair like a boy, walks ,dresses and talk like a boy. I guess she was raped, by one of the house she goes and sleeps at night.

\"I don't want to see any of you. Anyone from that church, can't speak with me. I'm tired of this child. I want this baby to die!!!!\" Melon shouted at the girl. My friend was in a shock when I call her after I read the text. Many of the Bible Fellowship ladies who knows her before text from wherever they are. We couldn't reach her, because she refused to give her contacts for the girl who meet her on the road.

I keep searching for her number, and nobody knows it. But, i got it again from the same girl on Friday. They meet on the roads of Addis, she gave her contact, she let me the same minute. She was nice this time, and talked to her.

yesterday, i had lunch with some other girls, three of them know Melon very well. one of the girl said; \"I saw Melon Yesterday.\"

\"Did you talk to her?\" I asked.

\"No, I don't. I hid from her.\" She also used to sleep in this girl's place for many weeks, and fought with her sister and they told her, she'll not be welcomed if she comes to their place anymore. That's why she hides away.

\"But she has a very white baby girl, only five months old. I like the baby, she 's so cute.\" said the girl.

There are a lot of orphanages in Addis, if she wants to give her child away. That's why I want to see her. If she wants the bay to die...until this day, there're a lot of people who wants to adopt a child.

I couldn't dare to ask about her baby on the phone. I must call her few times, or invite her for lunch, then will see the baby with her. I know she gets upset easily. I guess she's mental problem and on top of that, she's worrying for her baby again.

I asked information about the father of the child. If she got the baby from one of the church members. They said, she used to go with a white man from a university and the guy disappeared. A troubled woman with a child is roaming around the city. May be the father of the child's relaxing and enjoying life in his country or in Ethiopia in other city.

The girl who was hiding from Melon said: \"Melon begs for coins to buy milk for the baby girl.\"


A girl i sit and chat in many beautiful restaurant, a girl who went with me and slept in a resort, a girl once she used to be a university instructor, is begging for coins to buy milk for her baby.

Melon calls back, and I heard the baby's voice. I was lucky to spill the beans.

\"Is there someone with you?\" I asked.

\"Yes, I've a King James's version.\"

\"I hear a voice, is there someone with you?\"

\"Yes, It's Mitta.\"

\"Who's she?\"

\"MY baby girl, she's five months old.\"

\"What? Melon and a baby! Why didn't you tell me earlier?\"

\"I was at the University of Pharmacy, and had no idea of sharing this to you when you call earlier.\"

\"It's very interesting.\"

\"I've American child.\"

\"Who's American?\"

\"My child. Her father is American. He's white.\"

\"Okay, is he from church?\"

\"No. I meet him in the university. and he's kind of ...disappeared.\"

That's what the girl told us yesterday at lunch. The guy disappeared when she was about to give birth, or when she gave birth.

\"He can't disappear from us. I'll tell you where to go, they'll grab him by his collar from wherever he is now, and will make him support his child.\"

\"Oh, really!\"

\"Who? How?...many questions she asked...\" later, she added \" No, it was not his mistake to have a child. he didn't deny....e...h.\"

\"IS he supporting you?\"


\"Then What?\"

\"We agreed to have a baby with us. But he said he has no money at all or this time. May be in the future, when situation are good and able to support his child, he'll come. I'm like, ...u...m, waiting for him any time he comes.\" said Melon.

Look at her!!!! She's begging for coins to buy milk, and she is telling me he'll come one day.

She asked for our Swedish friends of three years ago. I gave her their FB names, i know what she's gonna say to them. Instead of writing to them, it is better to communicate with her child's father. Even if he doesn't want his child, may be the grandparents of her baby girl will be happy to see their sweet baby girl. Who wants to see his family members to be a beggar? The girl will grow watching her mom begs, and she'll be a beggar soon unless someone intervene and stopped her from doing so.

The father of Melon's baby girl is called: Robert Wise her voice was not clear over the cell phone.

I'll try to check him out on....I know you'll do your search. He's to support his child.

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