It is every mother's dream to carry a healthy and successful pregnancy, give birth to a healthy child and see them thrive. But unfortunately it is not always the case. Here is my story. Eleven years ago I became a cerebral palsy mum. It was a moment that changed my entire life. I checked into the hospital for normal treatment only for the doctors to inform me that my child had cerebral palsy and mild autism. They tried their best to explain it all but honestly at that moment I never understood a thing. It took time for me to accept and embrace my son but am glad it happened eventually. We started attending therapy sessions and things started to look up. During my journey I have met and interacted with cerebral palsy mums, some of whom din't have strength enough to accept their kids conditions and some who even gave up along the way. Some drowning in depression. I know first hand what being a special mum entails. I know how hard and draining it can get. But I also know that God gives us strength enough to handle all challenges.

As a cerebral palsy mum I would love to start a foundation that raises awareness and supports special needs kids, realize and nurture their talents. I believe each one of us is gifted and if only we give and get the necessary support we can achieve so much.

Be part of our journey today and plant a seed of greatness.

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