Apartheid it has root, branches that spread

I recently watched the movie cry my beloved country and found it very moving. The issues that were ongoing there are also relevant to other parts of the world. People are being divided and used against each other causing dissension. Economics plays a big role in these events as does opportunities.

Another problem is the wrong people are in positions of power and rising to the top allowing more division and injustice.

In CANADA this is now prevelant and is becoming more visible in.health care and the lack of it. Privilege becomes privatized and abuse in the system becomes routine.

Elder abuse and negligence is common in canada and in British Columbia cases are swept under the carpet and the abusers advance to a more powerful position and are protected by thug type lawyers paid for with tax dollars, bullying is used by these lawyers to achieve their objective.

Whatever we were taught as we grew up in.the system, at school, home and community is not what is represented in the world we live in today.

Apartheid is being practiced everywhere including Canada its just done with a polite smile and a travel brochure based on fraud and deception

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