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As I wished to fool around

All has begun with correspondence on the Internet.
On a site of acquaintances I have created the profile.
Among all messages I was interested by the laconic message: "It is possible to learn the acquaintance purpose?". I have answered truthfully:"IItself precisely I do not know. As it will turn out. And at you?". Also has begun...
- With whom you live and than you are engaged?
- I live with the husband. I too am married.
- The big good luck to get acquainted with the married. As there are no obligations. It agree?
- Probably.
- With the husband has already bored?
- Differently. But did not change it is never real.
We have a little enquired about each other. Morning of next day has begun again with correspondence.
After my greeting he has asked:
- It is possible to talk to you on an intimate theme? What it is not pleasant to you in sex?
- It is not pleasant to me, when something is not pleasant to the partner....
For couple of days of enough close correspondence dialogue has noticed that has started to become attached to this person whom never saw in a life. Short of two its photos sent on my post box. Under 40. Nice. And. . the fashionable car on a photo background. Knows how to win ladies' hearts! The citizen on car has started to show persistence. After a hairstyle and manicure I felt simply the beauty. It has sat down near to me and has steadfastly looked to me in eyes. The sight was sweet. Means, I was pleasant to it. You such mysterious...
- When we again will meet? Have discussed time when for me the gentleman will approach.
- What do you want? - my friend when we went by its car has asked me.
- I wish to drink. In the street very much hot.
Have braked near shop. Providently having taken out ignition keys, the man left a car and has returned with two packages of cheap juice.
I have started to be disappointed in its signs on attention to me. Well unless it is impossible to buy to the girl of fruit and a light wine? At last we have reached apartment "on an hour'. It did all silently and did not look at me, even when began to kiss. For some reason not so it was pleasant to me. Too something was not pleasant to it: that I sit not so, hot...
The naked lover has not sustained:
- If it would not be desirable, it is not necessary.
As I was grateful to it for these words! Quickly left apartment, having sighed with simplification.
Just now I have understood that casual communications not for me.
But for some reason so it would be desirable to be convinced of it personally...

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