Baiday celebration na by force (Pidgin English Post )

Baiday celebration🎂🎊🎂 for official setting na by force?

We go say we be activists, we go say we believe in human rights but wen e com to some mata we go lock up .

I wan ask dis kweshion before I giv una the matter wen dey ground. Our grandppapa and mama celebrate baiday? 

Okonkwo for 'Things fall Apart' celebrate him baiday?

See eh, I no get problem wit persin wen decide to celebrate baiday for house or office but wen office pipu make am compulsory e go be like say na cult persin dey. 

Now to the main tori.For one professional association wen I dey dem say make we update our info

 One of the info wen dem say make we update for the online form na our baiday no be for documentation purpose o na because dem wan hala us on dat day. 

Put our pisho and name for their sosha media platform.

 First of all ,the form mark red for that portion naim be say you must fill am. I come get in touch wit the coordinator say I no wan make dem celebrate me on my baiday. For the answa wen she gave she use style say I must fill the info.

This na professional association wen suppose to dey uphold women's right dem wan come wan force person to put him birth date .

How una see the mata ? All this by force by force culture no go helep us for this countri o. 

For some organisations if you no go oga office for morning go greet am. If you no say 'how's the family?' e go turn to anoda mata .

Time wen persin go take work e go take am go all him oga office to greet dem .

Abeg how una see the mata?

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