Be enough for yourself first!

Mothers are gorgeous humans who give a lot and forget that they deserve to receive even more than they give. They act as though they are indebted to their children and some lose themselves while at it. Dear mothers pause and breathe, you don’t owe anyone a perfect life and you must not lose yourself while parenting, give what you can and be happy that you did your best per your capabilities.

Parenting is fulfilling and most ladies get lost in it and forget about themselves. They abandon themselves to give life to their children forgetting that prioritizing themselves is good enough for them and their children other than just prioritizing their children and leaving themselves out.

Motherhood shouldn’t condemn you to self-denial because you might be feeling like a hero by giving your children the best upbringing but at some point, you will lose yourself while at it due to changing circumstances. Be enough and take care of yourself so you can offer comfort and be a good parent at all times and in all situations, you can’t give what you don’t have.

I have watched mothers entirely prioritize their children and ruin themselves in the process. Taking in disrespect, hatred, and ridicule all in the name of their children must not luck nor suffer and eventually they end up frustrating their children and themselves because they are not at peace and they are giving more or less of what the society gives them.

Mothers it is okay to prioritize your children but have limits because what might seem like a favor to you then might end up being a big mistake in the future. Children have hated themselves for watching their mothers suffer all in the name of trying to be there for them others are nursing depression and some are getting buried because watching their mothers suffer is a burden they can’ carry knowing they have a part in it, being their children.

Parenting is not all about providing the basic needs and a luxurious life but more of what you give from a peaceful and content you. Energies never lie and in as much as you can provide everything for your children your energies dictate what their reaction will be like when receiving. A sane child would sit back with their mother back at home and play with them to drive off the bad energy rather than go out and have fun on their own. Energies affect children mentally and that is why children from broken homes drop academically and appear to be absent-minded because they might have everything but luck and peace.

Prioritize yourself mothers because that will directly affect your children. The outburst and pouring out frustration comes as a result of getting disappointed from the choices you made considering just them and leaving yourself out. Be enough for yourself first so you can be enough for others and for sure you will not fail while parenting. 

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