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Beauty & The Environment

Esther in a local market in Lagos, Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Bequeenz Beauty

For people- For planet

It will be a thing of joy to breathe clean air in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Everyone also deserves to live, work and grow in a non toxic environment 

With plastic pollution everywhere, poor sanitary conditions, poverty, few green parks /buildings and industrialization taking over the city- it is hard to enjoy the basic necessities of sustainable living. 

What can be done? What are you doing?

• We need to collectively work together and come up with policies that integrates nature in going green so that we can heal  our environment quickly. 

•We must adopt cost effective & innovative ways to ensure sustainable development by using our actions to achieve a healthy environment. Use your voice, talents, resources and time through your business, your workplace + the tools available at your disposal to render social impact positively. 

• Support local businesses & initiatives that grow the economy through responsible production and consumption. 

• Help to reduce CO2 emissions by planting trees, gardening, wearing sustainable clothing, reduce the use of chemicals which pollute underground water, walk and conserve energy. 

• The ministry of education should add climate action, recycling and sustainable living to our educational system curriculum- beginning from age 5. 

• Many people don’t know how to get involved or what it’s all about - you can help them by putting the word out there and educating them. 

My name is Esther Ebis and I am the CEO/Founder of “Bequeenz Beauty.” Here’s what my company is about:

Mission Statement;

Creating affordable- effective & innovative skincare solutions naturally made for all skin types with positive environmental and community impacts in Nigeria. 

Vision Statement;

Providing sustainable clean beauty from the Earth to your skin for a more Eco conscious living.

What we do :

Bequeenz Beauty is an empowering women-led business offering handmade, efficient and affordable skincare products powered by nature to boost self esteem and confidence for a more healthier lifestyle. 

Bequeenz Beauty is a blueprint company shifting beauty culture & shaping conversations around green beauty consciousness for circular economic growth through social & environmental impacts.

Problem Statement; 

•40% of African women lighten their skin using harsh chemical products and Nigeria is reported to be the highest usage at 77%. Skin bleaching is unhealthy, and leads to serious illnesses and eventually death. Younger teenagers at the inception of puberty suffer from low self esteem due to skin disorders and breakouts. 

•Most skincare products in Nigeria are too expensive, are not safe to apply on the skin and ineffective too.

•Economic in-balance : Agriculture is the most important employment sector for women in low- and lower-middle income countries such as Nigeria, and Nigerian female farmers contribute 70% of the country's agricultural workforce, but due to systematic societal disparities are not empowered enough to secure sufficient income and resources for themselves and their families, leading to women and girls facing increased vulnerabilities to all forms of gender-based violence, including conflict-related sexual violence, unemployment, human trafficking, child marriage, and other forms of violence.

•Unsustainable production & packaging without a recycling action plan- thereby leading to environmental pollution.

•Lack of proper education & awareness of climate change & it’s effects on human lives and the environment especially in rural communities.

Value Statement;

Bequeenz Beauty as an eco conscious skincare company is focused on these key philosophy ethics that makes us deliver value to our stakeholders in the best ways possible; 

•Eco conscious Lifestyle: We are proud to source sustainable ingredients and operate in small-batch production, using recyclable packaging and bio degradable bags for a cleaner environment. 

•Authenticity & Transparency in boosting Body Positivity & Self Esteem: We use only the highest quality ingredients in our handcrafted 

products; which gives skin satisfaction & boost self esteem. We believe in clean beauty, so we’ll continue creating unique formulas that are fragrance- free, suitable for sensitive skin and full of non-toxic goodness. Our packaging comes with a positive purchase note to empower women to stay beautiful in their skin. 

•Partnerships, Collaborations & Community Inclusiveness: We are proudly Nigerian-owned and as a team, we ensure we work in a safe and thriving environment that gives room for innovation and ideas implementation as we network, spread awareness, and promote local production & consumption by collaborating with local organic female farmers for direct & indirect empowerment & community building opportunities. 

Value Proposition;

For health conscious people who need a permanent, affordable, and effective natural skincare products- Bequeenz Beauty provides skincare solutions that are cost effective and safe to use unlike chemical skincare products that are harmful to the skin and the environment causing skin cancer and environmental risks. 

Bequeenz Beauty products are handmade, natural, organic, and healthier - without no immediate or prolong usage side effects. 

Her ingredients are ethically sourced through a sustainable supply chain network directly from local organic farmers - promoting local production & consumption, collaboration, community building with public health, wellness and environmental impacts.

Target Audience;

Bequeenz Beauty is an inclusive skincare brand offering healthy products for all skin types.


Everyone deserves to look great on the outside and feel good on the inside in a healthy and affordable way. Bequeenz Beauty low cost-high quality business strategy helps us achieve this. 

This is what set Bequeenz Beauty apart from the others, our skincare products are ethically designed to make our consumers feel independently safe, confident, satisfied and happy in their own skin and their lifestyles. 

Bequeenz Beauty leverages on sourcing raw ingredients from local farmers to manufacture healthy skincare products that works. 

No after effects stories.

No long term skin damages.

Only eco conscious healthy benefits always. 

Position Statement

This company sees itself as being affordable to the mass market. Consumers perceive Bequeenz Beauty as a “not breaking the bank empowering skincare company that truly cares.” This helps in increasing buying factors & drive customer retention.

Start Little, Impact Greatly! Getting Everyone Involved!

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