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Becoming a World Pulse Ambassador


Years ago, back in the day of the glossy magazine, I subscribed to World Pulse. For whatever reasons I let it go.  Six years ago, in a state of numbness due to separation from a ten year abusive relationship, clicking around on the internet, I again found World Pulse ONLINE!!! Seeing there was an offering for a tuition free online training program! (i had very little money, no $$ for gas for my car at the time) to learn how to use my computer to write stories and upload to the web (close enough, I am moonapausal and memory doesn't serve me much).  I joined World Pulse community of sisterhood with ease and quickly: a user name and password then signed up for the course immediately . Which of course was absolutely wonderful. This time I stayed!! Though i take breaks, I love all of you. I love reading your stories. My heart ranges from aches with sorrow from the despair to bursting with fullness with the accomplishments, regardless of large or small. From a tiny step of finding World Pulse to changing countrywide laws such as making female genital mutilation an illegal practice.

I read stories from other women and gave love and encouraging comments. I received emails from World Pulse offering opportunities to be an encourager, and of course signed up. I am usually assigned to two to three women as an encourager to follow their written assignments when posted in order to provide encouraging comments.

And NOW, I have the opportunity to be an Ambassador for World Pulse. Whatever does that mean was my thought upon receiving the invite email. Whatever, I was in if they wanted me. And of course this wonderful community of sisterhood is so inclusive!!!

Orientation was an hour video chat on Zoom with 35 women from around the globe!!!!! Very well articulating the Ambassador process of bringing this sisterhood to the awareness of others, so they too can raise their voices. Well, I thought, I can do that. I have talked up World Pulse to most women i know and meet.

So, my first step was to write about the orientation. Now, my next step is to thoroughly read through and study this WHOLE AMAZING site bringing together 64 thousand network members from 190 countries, Impacting over 7.6 millon people worldwide. I am soooo in alignment with the mission and vision (copied from website):

Our Mission

To create a world where all women thrive one click, one comment, one connection at a time.                                        

Our Vision

To speed up the pace towards global gender equality by using technology to unleash the untapped creative potential of women everywhere.



Northern America
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