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Being the Highest Version of yourself💜

I am my First priority

Hey Its Nazish,💜

This is an initiative worth taking because it concerns "you". I would love to share about how to be the best version of yourself. And I will be sharing my own experiences as well to the beautiful people out there who aren't aware of their worth. In order to be the best version of ourselves , we need to practice physical and mental self-care. It means we are going to prioritize our self first. We can't be perfect because we are human beings. But we can thrive to become the Best Version of ourselves.

1. Physical self-care: It includes working on your physical appearance. There is a quote which is so powerful and will make you capable enough to change yourself is:

"If you don't like something about yourself, CHANGE IT".

Regardless of feeling miserable or pathetic about ourselves , We should CHANGE Ourselves. Stop complaining make efforts to change. Just imagine How your highest version look like:

What's your Highest Version weight.

(You will get to know either you need to put on weight or loose it)

How's the skin.

(You will get to know what you need to do to get a skin like your highest version)

How's his/her hair.

(Do your highest version has short/long hair)

What he/she eats

(Start eating what she eats)

What's her/his routine.

(Follow her routine)

What he /she likes to do.

(Start doing those things)

What are her/his hobbies.

(Start doing those things)

Create an image of your higher self and thrive to achieve it. Act like your highest version and you WILL become the highest version of yourself. Because perception is reality.

2. Mental Self-Care:

Peace of mind is the most important thing. We are raised in different kinds of environment, different parenting, different neighbourhood. So we exhibit different kind of mindsets. We all have certain kind of traumas or insecurities which needs to be healed. When we are not healed we go experience:


We all have insecurities. Some people are insecure with their body, skin color, social status etc. We all have these insecurities. And a person with insecurities might feel , he is the only miserable person left on earth but NO that's not true. Everyone is going through it. What we need to do is to accept them as part of ourselves. We don't need to be ashamed of anything. First of all accept yourself with all your flaws and then lovingly work through them. Some people find it insecure to speak in public. But then recall, "The Highest" version of yourself. Does she find it difficult to speak before people? NO. She is confident. She can speak fluently to crowd. Be that version of yourself.

I would suggest "Journaling" and "Shadow work". To cure your insecurities.

•Low self-esteem

What basically self esteem is? Self esteem is how we value and perceive ourself. Do we perceive our self worthy of love? Do we perceive ourself worthy of being treated nicely? Do we find ourselves worthy of having a good life partner?Do we value our self as much as we will value someone we love? If the answer is yes then we have a high self esteem. Remember your highest version never settles for less Because she is aware of her worth. If the answer is "No" , then we have a low self esteem because we are settling ourselves for either "Nothing" or "Bare minimum" .Low self-esteem has several reasons. One of the major reason is you were entirely neglected in your childhood. Because a lot of personality issues which we have right now stem from our childhood. We all have that inner child in ourselves that needs love and attention. That child needs to heal from burden of guilt and shame. Self esteem can only be raised by:

Forgiving yourself for everything.

Loving yourself unconditionally.

Accepting yourself with all flaws.

I would suggest repeating "Powerful Positive Affirmations"

•Low self-respect

Remember one thing "People will treat you as you treat yourself" or " People will treat you exactly what they feel about you". If they find you insecure, shy or people pleaser they will treat you like an option with low self worth. Self esteem and Self-respect go hand in hand. If your Self-esteem is high, your self respect will be as well. Self respect is how people perceive us. How they treat us. Are they treating us like we treat ourselves. If not, then cut them off. Self respect is important. Making clear "Boundaries" is really necessary when it comes to protecting your self respect. Have firm boundaries. Don't let people break them. For example, if someone makes a rude joke to you and you don't like it. So create a boundary by saying, "Hey, I don't really appreciate what you just said. Be careful while saying such stuff about me". And If they do the same thing again cut them off they are toxic.

•Low self-worth

Our problem is we settle for anything. Because the people in our life make us believe that this is more than we deserve. So we keep staying there. We don't care about our worth. For example If you are in a relationship and your partner is toxic, he is degrading you continuously. And then you tend to believe that this is all you can have you cannot find someone better than him. Honey! Who made you think like that? He is degrading you because he cannot have a better partner than you. He is feeding on your energy. You feed his ego by staying submissive. "Toxic people go to everyone, Its YOU making them stay longer." Another example is you are doing job and getting paid less than you deserve. Once you settle yourself for less that makes other think you are worthy of LESS. Why will they ever give you more?

Things which decrease your self worth is:


You are staying with toxic partner due to desperation of being in a relationship.

You are doing job with less salary because you are desperate to earn no matter by decreasing your self worth. Here is a tip "No one , I repeat no one wants to be around a desperate person except narcissist and toxic ones. Because they are feeding on your energy."

Don't be desperate for anything. What's yours will come to you anyhow. Focus on being the highest version of yourself. Yet there will be more smarter and beautiful people out there but you know what makes "YOU" unique? THEY AREN'T YOU. Lovingly work through all insecurities and traumas . Heal your self. Break the cycle of trauma bonding. You should make it stop for yourself and your generations.

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