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Beautiful Keeshae Jacobs was dropped off on the street 3102.E in Richmond,Virginia Keeshae texted her mum letting her mum know that she would be spending the evening at her friend's house. But not to worry because she would be home the next day. After she was reported missing to the Police investigators came to a conclusion that her life was on a stand still as her bank accounts, mobile phone & social media reported no activities after her last text message to her mother. Keeshae graduated from high school and afterwards she begun working on several jobs and helping her mum at home while she was still in the process of discovering what she would do with her life after. She had a pretty tight bond with her mother so her mother is still wondering where she could possibly be.The picture above shows Keeahae's mother behind her.To her mother its abnormal for Keeshae to not inform her about her whereabouts after her disappearance.

Jacobs has a loving Mother and elder Brother who loves her if you do see updates or clues concerning her whereabouts do not hesitate to reach out to👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻⬇️⬇️⬇️

☑️Anyone who has information regarding her whereabouts should kindly contact:

🔵Richmond Police Departments at | 804-646-5125🔵📳

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