Book Club Update -- New Start!

Hello to all members of World Pulse Book Club.

I am Bonnie Samuel and have just accepted the Administrator position for this book club. It is my hope that this can become a more participatory group and through sharing the books we love, discussions are generated, friendships made and writings from countries other than our own lead to more understanding of different cultures.

We’d like to announce a change in how the book club works:
1. Members please share the titles of books you’ve read and enjoyed, perhaps found very meaningful. Make a few comments about the book or even write a book review. Or....
2. Share and comment on a book you’ve read and start a discussion around the theme or concept of the book. For example, I found the book, The “S” Word by John Nichols an interesting read on the history of socialism in the United States. As related in Nichols’ book, socialism, of course, takes many forms. I’d very much like to hear from those of you who live in a socialist country - tell us your opinion.

I look forward to hearing about all the great books you are reading!

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