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Breast Cancer Awareness

Many think social marketing is about ... just marketing, but it has to do more with changing behaviors than with selling products. For this reason I have engaged myself and my office in social marketing activities for three years now.

As part of my job, I have to be in the internet looking for places from where to spread the word about the need to build better and empowered families through actions in the areas of water, microcredit, land owning and protection, housing upgrading and environmental issues,

One of the listservs that I belong to is the social marketing listserv from Georgetown University, who pioneered listserv services for social marketing with Dr. Andreassen acting as the owner of such wonderful initiative. This has been really the first approach to internet 2.0 that I ever had, together with a half dozen other listservs on many places of the world.

I wat to thank all people from the listserve, who are mostly PHDs in marketing sciences, because they have opened my eyes to many issues and new ways of achieving behavioral change in communities where Fundación Activa works.

I want to share with you something Susan Kirby ( has sent to the list. At Medline Hospital in Portland, Oregon, they have made a very nice video to raise awareness about breast cancer. The more clicks it receives, the more money the hospital receives. So check it out while providing some free mamograms at the hospital!

This kind of initiative shows how behavioral change can be nice and fun, people need not to frown or weep, (or block streets or kill others) to raise money and awareness, they can also dance and be creative in order to do the same thing... and with better results.

Enjoy! This is the link to the PINK GLOVE CAMPAIGN:

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