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bring back our girls and women

Every day in the news we hear stories about certain numbers of girls and women rescued from the Sambisa Forest, where Boko Hram, the terrorist group enslaved them in. So many reports now have it that the chibok girls have been turned to militants and are working for the Boko Haram.

There are so many inspiring take off from the #bringbackour girls campaign, the effect of the single voice causing a huge ripple effect shows us the power of social media and also the power of ideas that work with the right strategies. I have written about the bring back our girls issue, but intuitively i look at the situation of most girls in Africa and wonder if indeed girls are not really lost in this world that we are in.

Every girl need to deal with a lot of issues before the emerge, leaders are not created by wishing , leaders are made through efforts, personal efforts of the person willing to be a leader and the efforts of those who had seen the leadership potentials in such people.

Girls face social sexual , physical injustice, gender inequality, sexual discrimination, rape, gender discrimination, low self esteem, and most often the proceed to leadership height or stage is slow and a times non existence. Es we are looking for a high number of girls who had been kidnapped, but are most girls not kidnapped in their own world when they face several of this injustices in one way or the other. As far as it is important to look out for the girls that has been kidnapped, the ones left behind what is the true state of their existence. Some live daily with rape, gender discrimination, with low self esteem, some live in domestic violence and there is nobody looking for them, because we do not see that they are lost.

The lives of young girls are filed with ups and downs and before the get lost in the world to certain malady that are unfavorable it is important we find the girls where they are help them, inspire them, build them educate , motivate and lift them up in one ways or the other to that self attained leadership position where they can take the world by their hands because they are educated about the caprices of the world. For this reasons i came up with this initiative ABSENT CONVERSATION, teaching and inspiring girls on issues that are important to their well being to them becoming aware of who they are, what they can become and how they can become what and for issues such as things that were considered a taboo topic to be discussed in their homes by enlightening them on such issues.

On one of our visit to school, i found a girl who had been menstruating but doesn't understand the reasons why, while her mother told her it was necessary to menstruate, the girl yearned for more conversation than what was just handed to her. It is such a huge revelation when you tell girls or enlightened them on issues that had held their hearts in bondage without any body to share it with perhaps if girls were truly educated and enlightened about some issues, perhaps we will have more girls making better decisions and going all out to achieve their dreams because they now posses a broad mind on issues that were not clear to them in the first place. It is possible for girls to be lost, kidnapped in a world that is believed to be free when they do not have access to the right information at the right time. There are so many absent conversation a mother had obviously not shared with her daughter, a community has not shared with her girls and a nation has witheld form her girls that can make them subservient all the days of there lives and make them to believe they are the gender that is lost in this world.

Why are girls not attaining leadership positions, where are women not attaining some positions as well, maybe because they have been kidnapped and lost in the world that does not believe them, but with the right conversations they can be found.

Northern America
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