Celebrating a significant milestone in my entrepreneurial journey

undefinedToday, I'm elated to celebrate a significant milestone in my entrepreneurial journey. It's incredible to look back at how far we've come with SheDev in just 2.5 years.

SheDev Pvt Ltd started with a vision to empower women digitally in Gilgit Baltistan. Today, I'm proud to share that we've impacted the lives of 1000+ women, helping them gain digital skills, confidence, and access to new opportunities. But we're not stopping here. This milestone is just a stepping stone to even greater things. Our mission to empower women in the tech world is stronger than ever.

To every woman who's been a part of this journey, to my amazing team, and to all our supporters, thank you. You're the driving force behind our success.

Let's continue this journey of empowerment and break more barriers together. The best is yet to come!

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