At we believe that the most powerful way to keep children safe is toEMPOWER THE CHILDREN THEMSELVES against abuse. We teach self-protection, through self-defence and gender based violence education.

We have taught 5,000 children the skills in primary schools in the Cape Flats, with much success. For example, little Gracie, aged 7 years, who last year told her teacher that 'I kicked him and ran to the police station like IPM taught me,' - said of her stepfather who was charged with attempted rape.

Our training is set to be imbedded into the Life Skills curriculum. Then it will reach all of the 12.6 million school children in SA. And then we shall, within a decade, see a new generation who will challenge cultural attitudes, respect, protect and stand up for each other against violence.

A small example of the training:

Do join us on this journey!

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