Children and women who survive the war

The suffering of the women and children of my country from wars, repression and conflicts.

Children and women in my country are dying.

Every story of survival carries within it the strength to inspire change, you are warriors, not victims! Let's champion the voices of survivors, reminding us that resilience triumphs over adversity. Your journey fuels hope and encourages others to speak. Together let's stand against Gender-Based Violence GBV fostering a world where every individual feels safe, heard and supported.

In Sudan Behind every statistic, there's a heartbreaking reality. The impact of war on women and children is devastating, with increased violence and assault amplifying their vulnerability. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) continues to haunt communities torn by conflict. It's time to amplify their voices, raise awareness, and take action to protect the most vulnerable.

Survivors of violence deserve unwavering support and comprehensive services to heal physically and mentally. It's crucial to advocate for their rights and provide accessible medical and mental health assistance. Let's stand together to strengthen social support systems, ensuring safety and empowerment for all survivors, especially those affected by gender-based violence (GBV)

يعاني ما يقرب من 700 ألف طفل في #السودان من سوء التغذية الحاد، وهم معرّضون بشدة لخطر الوفاة إذا لم يتلقوا العلاج.

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