Children syndicate

It is a serious crime to humanity as it violates human rights, children’s rights, and above all the rights of parents. It is an inhumane injustice to women and newborns. Why would an adult deny a mother the feeling of her child all in the name of money? Greed to make it in life has turned people into animals as they are doing despicable things just to make it big.

Surrogacy became acceptable to put smiles on the faces of parents who can’t bear their children due to a woman’s medical issues that make it hard to carry pregnancies and semen extraction aids when a man can’t perform his manly duties but his seed is healthy and can fertilize an egg, so why would one brush all that off and opt for a stolen baby and live with it happily? Where are people’s consciences?

In the current days, children's syndicate has become so common, that it is how they do it that baffles no remorse just fulfilling their monetary desires. That a trained and qualified doctor who is meant to save lives can take one is super irritating. How can you switch someone’s baby with a dead one and still walk away like nothing happened? The trauma they will go through, the hardship to bring it to birth doesn’t count, why take what you can’t give?

This dirty business has grown in that before just children kidnapping from their homes and streets, stealing of newborns from hospitals, and buying of newborns from medical staff and ignorant selfish parents has extended to the kidnapping of young girls. These girls are kidnapped not for ransoms but for childbearing, they are enslaved and denied the right to everything and anything they deserve as their work is just to sire children back to back and bring in money that they will never enjoy while their life holds with no hope of it picking up again unless they syndicate gang is brought to book.

The disappearing with no traces of young girls and young women is painful and they will give birth when they are not ready emotionally, physically, and mentally and won’t feel its touch when it is born nor will their nurture be torture and the thought of happening severally makes my hurt bleed the more. These girls are denied experiencing life to the fullest and making their own choices and most succumb to complications and others are killed when the kidnappers feel like they are no longer servicing their purposes.

That dawn of fighting against children syndicate is here. Our girls are our future and we won’t let a bunch of rotten humans cut that short with their greed. The children deserve to be nurtured by their biological parents unless realistic reasons seek otherwise. And to the parents that can’t bear their children please shun the illegal way of fulfilling yourself, it is not an excuse to make another parent cry or get into unending trauma, say no to Children Syndicate it is a crime to humanity.

As for our governments please help us protect the dignity of our women, their present, and their future. They play a big role in society and watching them get hurt is hurting society as their hurt will have consequences that will be felt for generations. Put measures to protect them at all times and hunt down the offenders, not because the tears of the innocent will haunt you but because protecting humanity is your goal for the betterment of society.

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