Chores....whose responsibility?

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Why are mother in laws oblivious when their daughter in law is doing housechores but if they see their son doing it, suddenly it irks them?

Dear MILs,

A daughter in law is someone's child too. She has left the comfort of her parent's house to come and settle at your place. And if your son is helping around, 'he isn't tiring himself' he is doing his share of investment. In the 21st century, household chores is no longer a 'woman thing'.

Just like the daughter in law is investing her time, money and energy in your household. Why do you have to taunt that girl? When the daughter in law is doing housework everyone is blind but god forbid the son pick up a utensil to wash, the reel plays in HD 4k. This results in eye rolls and bickering. "Oh look how my son is tiring himself, he never used to do such things before getting married."

Saasu 'ji' maybe you don't know but even your daughter-in-law wasn't used to doing housework before getting married. She was the Princess of her house but still chose to start a life with your son in your house. So your 'raja beta' (Prince son) is now a king but the Princess has turned to a maid? How fair is that?

Another current thing is that only the male counterparts get tired after a day at work, are the women robots? The daughter in law is expected to go about her household chores 'naturally' after her work .

Many a times, such Mils have ended up causing rifts in relationships and left them beyond repair.

What starts as a responsible husband doing his fair share of work is poisoned by the brainwashing of an in-law and ends up in fights.

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