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Upon gathering leads to information. There are certain important issues that need to be confronted why solving a case. I believe that the Police department & Investigation teams are doing well and the best they can to help solve cases that seem hopeless. While things are taking longer than usual and families and loved ones are losing hope,lets keep in mind that the ones that took the lives of these innocent people are still on the leash. Looking for more victims to capture and abduct them. To an extent police could also be a problem adding up to the scenarios at hand i do not think however that covering up for a group of people for the crime they have commited is the right thing to do. Else what do we need the law for?

We should come together as individuals and organizations to help stop hate crimes and injustice amongst our communities with the little resources we have. If you can help in any way do not hesitate to do so. The only way to bring an end to the injustice is to stand against it and to be bold. No one should be left out of the ruling of the law because of their skin color, background, roles or positions in society. Everyone should face the Law equally. As God would have it be.

Please do well to sign the petition released earlier on✅🗂

Justice For All, Justice For Everyone☑️

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