Cohort 3 Bootcamp: A Day of Challenges and Triumphs

Project Digital learning session.


Cohort 3 of the bootcamp kicked off today, but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. We met at the pickup station bright and early at 7:30, aiming to reach Ketiplong Primary by 8 am. Combining students from three schools – Ketiplong, Lelmokwo, and Lelmolok – presented its own hurdles, as they were scattered 3-4 kilometers apart.

Reaching the venue on time, we were met with… closed gates. Two long hours melted away as we waited, relieved to see determined kids trickling in, some even accompanied by parents who'd braved the distance. Offering transport ourselves was beyond our resource constraints, so immense gratitude went to these families for their dedication.

Learning of absent students, we transformed into phone warriors, coaxing parents to send their kids, even chipping in for transport when needed. Finally, at 11 am, all 26 kids were assembled. Time was precious, and Module 1 brimmed with content.

Dividing the group, I took on three eager minds, while another teacher tackled two. Two hours later, four more students arrived. Juggling schedules, I covered the initial material with my first group then doubled back to ensure the newcomers weren't left behind.


The day wasn't without its heroes. One school head, despite not being from the host school, journeyed far to be present for her students' first class. Her humility was a shining beacon, a testament to a teacher who truly puts her students first.

Challenges we faced? A sluggish printer, finicky network, and the occasional power hiccup. Yet, we persevered, guiding our kids through Module 1. Imagine – some of them had never even powered on a computer! In a world buzzing with AI and tech-savvy youngsters, these rural students were starting from scratch.


But by day's end, the transformation was palpable. They could navigate the digital landscape, create folders, grasp the concepts of software and hardware, and even conquered their initial fear of the mouse and keyboard. These once daunting tools were now becoming their new normal.

The kids absorbed their lessons, enjoyed snacks, and even learned valuable life skills and mental health basics.undefined

That's Cohort 3, Day 1 – a day of unexpected hurdles, heartwarming dedication, and the magic of witnessing young minds blossom. Next up, we delve into the wondrous world of Microsoft Word, and I can't wait to see what these incredible kids create!


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