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Collaboration with Art Represent Thru VV lead

with the amazing women f VVlead

I think my best value is collaboration.

June 2017 when VV Lead conducted the kickoff start summit at Johannesburg, South Africa. VV lead is a program of Vital Voices that supports global network for women leaders, who provides creative and sustainable solutions to pressing problems that occurs in its economy and society.

Early this year my organization was chosen by Vital Voices, to be part of VV Lead, and represented Batis AWARE.

Batis- AWARE is based in Quezon City, Philippines, a grass root women community, self-help organization and a support group for returned migrant women workers and their children.

2015 when I started to join and lead the organization, I become interested in women and children's stories.

As an artist, my interest in and work on women and children’s empowerment concepts inspired me to create artworks out of the stories of women in my organization, that is why I created ETA Empowerment Through Art program to help sustain my organization.

It was a thrilling experience when I met the 50 amazing women leaders and entrepreneurs along with the Vital Voices ambassadors and leaders from all over the globe, on the 3rd day, I met one of the amazing woman entrepreneur and art enthusiast Baiqu Gonkar, founder of Art Represent London.

Art Represent is a platform dedicated to empower artists who are affected by conflicts. I believe that Art represent is a window for artists, a gateway where people from all over the globe can see what’s behind the artists and their artworks. Since then Baiqu and I started to connect thru VV lead, and by exchanging messages and emails online. October this year when I along with other two ETA artists, Nova and Anthony are officially became Art Represent Artist.

I am honored to be part of Art Represent. My collaboration with Art Represent is a great opportunity to open up space for social realism in art. Through my artworks, I want to make public the voices of migrant women and their children, and testify to the issues that affect them but which the general public does not know fully about.

Sharing the Artists Link of Art Represent and VV lead Fellows farewell party picture in Johannesburg.

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