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Community Champion Role: A Valuable Experience

When I received an email from Lisa Anderson (God bless her) notifying me about an opportunity to become a Community Champion, I thought about it and read the duties of a Community Champion before I decided to apply.

Being made a Community Champion for Technology and Innovation Group (TIG) was something I loved because I have an Information Technology background. I saw the Community Champion role as a great opportunity to help others as well as develop my people management, networking and leadership skills.

To aid me in my responsibilities as a Community Champion, I mapped out strategies and plans. I had three major plans and they were:

1. To create more awareness on Apps that might be beneficial to TIG as well as World Pulse members by posting some Apps on World Pulse website.

2. To train World Pulse members interested in Microsoft PowerPoint.

3. To attract more World Pulse members to Technology and Innovation Group (TIG)

I set out to achieve my plans. For my first plan, I started posting information about some Apps I felt might be useful to TIG members and World Pulse members in general.

For my second plan, I reached out to Sarah Murali (God bless her) and she was very helpful. She shared information about the training on social media platform (Facebook). Sarah has been very wonderful in following up on our activities as Community Champions and she knows how to look at issues from various angles. Thank you very much Sarah. Though there were some challenges I encountered during the training, I was able to train some World Pulse members on Microsoft PowerPoint.

For my third plan, my role as a Listener on World Pulse helped me with this plan. Being a Listener on World Pulse, I have been able to read as well as drop comments on posts on some amazing things (activities, projects, initiatives, seminars and workshops) carried out by some of World Pulse members. I also welcomed some new members to World Pulse community.

Our group mentor Donna (God bless her) has been very helpful and has always been ready to listen and answer all our questions.

My experience as a Community Champion has been quite memorable. I have improved my people management, networking and leadership skills. I have also connected with some great people too.

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