#Save Palestine

Many of still don't know what is the happening right know,especially in Palestine because social media is not showing the whole truth.

Since 7 Oct,the world has witnessed a great genocide of Palestinians which is very shameful for the whole humanity.Israel had been dropping the bombs on the most populous areas of Gaza which has caused the deaths of many innocent people including the women and the children.It does not end here the hospitals are being targeted.This is very heart wrenching that after bombing their houses,the places where they get treated are being attacked.Many people think this is a war between these two countries...not a genocide.But let me tell you what a war is.WAR is between two countries with its own military force,and Palestine has no land army nor a navy or an air force.Recent news is that there is a total blackout in Gaza light,no internet,also don't have enough medicines.So far 7000+ Palestinians are dead in which children are about 3000+.CHILDREN.All I know about children is that they are innocent.Israel is targeting the most populous areas of Gaza..obviously on purpose.I can't even expalin what is happening there...

Since people object that Hamas startrd this attack..they just wanted to protect the land that has been occupied by Israel illegal means,because it is their homeand.Palestine is not considered a country even when 139 countries out of 193 recognize it as a state.People are worried about the peace of the world and want the Palestinians to give up.But you all know that conflicts take a certain time to occr,and for Palestine this time is last 75 years.So what forced The Hamas to take a such big step..what was the thing that has forced The Hamas to launch the bombs on Oct,7.Have you ever thought about this before blaming Hamas for everything they are doing,they have done..OF COURSE NOT.This conflict started a way before..even a few days before this conflict on the 18th of September 2023 before the current cisis Save the Children reported that 38 Palestinian children were killed by the Israeli Forces leading upto this conflict.The worst event of this year.So don't be just fooled by the fact that Israel is retaliating.Now choice is yours.Don't become neutral and support the people who really needs your support.If you are really interested about the situation in Gaza and want to know more and support them,follow the following accounts on Instagram...

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