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Conquering barriers and breaking limits

I am a woman with Disability from Cameroon. I graduated from the University in 2017 with a Masters degree in project management. Like any other person, I was confidently hopeful to secure a good  job given my level of education. But because I had a disability, things didn't turn out the way I expected so I had to offer my services for free in a faith based institution where I worked with the department of Disability and inclusive development to use my little knowledge I got in school to raise the hopes of other person's with Disabilities. Working in that organization, I was equally hoping to gain full employment upon doing my voluntary service I applied for that but every attempt was furtiled as I sat in my office one day only to receive a letter that my services was no longer needed I became devasted , discouraged as I asked myself many questions like why the descrimination, why me given every efforts I had made?why were others who came after me employed etc and because of that, I made my mind up not to apply for any formal job again because I knew I will still have the obvious previous experience . I packed my things went back home  and cried out loud asking myself where I am going to begin again given the sociopolitical crisis we have been facing till date? The pains left me after I had drop off tears from my eyes and I had to pick up my pieces and move to another field which I had engaged in part time while I was at worked that's is the FASHION INDUSTRY. I entered in it full time because that was the only place I could get daily bread since I didn't have a store on my own, I sold extensively online with some challenges not withstanding like, some clients will want to see before they buy, some will complain of delivery time so it's normal I loosed some of them as a result of that. I kept on and saved every little profit I made with optimism to secure my own shop one day. And early this year 2021, the dream came to reality. But I have so many challenges I am not able to meet everyone need given that the dresses  types I sell doesn't really suit some  women with various Disability types so I am hoping if the resources will be available of being a designer myself so I can make dresses which will fit them and also shoes which will get them comfortable in their disability. Another challenge too is the position of my little shop wheelchair users cannot get access to it so if the resources are available I will get a lucrative and accessible position where everyone will benefit from my services. I hope my story inspires someone and especially my fellow women with Disabilities? Never you let situation walk you down. Use every stumbling block as a stepping stone. Let encourage inclusiveness, persons with Disabilities can do better when you believe and  give them the opportunity



Economic Power
Disability Justice
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