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Creating access as a disabled person

I used to be able to walk few miles , dance, run etc and a series of misadventures including being a victim of violent crimes and car accident altered and changed my life. I am disabled and found the change a challenged as well as loss of mobility abd freedom.

My journey taught me a great deal, I attended university and college with other disabled people

and realised there were still possibilities in spite of any limitations. I became the director at large of human rights coalition for 7 years and studied law to find out how the sytems works .I attended court proceedings many times as a witness and also a victim. I learned from lawyers and court workers many things that helped me deal with cases that were conflicting and challenging.

This all started in 2009 and I founded a social justice organization called STANDING TALL. I recruited like minded people of all ages and we worked tirelessly and voluntarily to assist others.

I started to create access to goods and services for disabled people plus helped with human rights isues and court cases. This work as been a learning process since 2009 and people from all over seek out my help. 

This work is very rewarding to see the lives of others improve and find some sense of JUSTICE.

I am now 72 and still working at this ,I have clients routinely and its a wonderful process.

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