Day 12: Combating SGBV Against Women and Girls in the Employment Sector

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They wanted to silence me, while the perpetrator had denied me my employment benefits, citing a must I give into his advances for me to enjoy my rights. I said NO, and the next thing I could hear him making calls of how his senior affiliate should block me from accessing my hard earned opportunity. I don't regret saying NO to the violence. Am happy he opened a lot of great doors to me.

Day 12 of #16DaysofActivismAgainstGBV focuses our attention on a silent yet pervasive issue: the discrimination and harassment faced by women and girls within the employment sector. Despite possessing qualifications, skills, and competencies, many face a formidable obstacle—discriminatory practices perpetuated by individuals in positions of power, hindering their professional growth and jeopardizing their well-being.

In the employment sector, a "rogue boss" or recruitment personnel acting as perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) misuse their authority to keep employees, particularly women and girls, in a state of vulnerability. These abusers exploit their positions by obstructing career advancements, denying deserved promotions, and even resorting to laying off staff who reject their advances or refuse to comply with their inappropriate demands.

This insidious practice not only stalls the professional development of qualified individuals but also creates a toxic work environment where fear and coercion prevail over merit and competence. The pervasive culture of silence and fear of repercussions further compounds the issue, leaving many voiceless and trapped in cycles of abuse.

However, change begins when voices are raised against such injustices. Speaking out against SGBV in the employment sector is a call to action to break the cycle of discrimination and harassment. When one individual bravely speaks up, they speak for the voiceless, paving the way for transformation and accountability.

It's imperative to unite and say NO to SGBV in the employment sector. Organizations must implement robust anti-harassment policies, offer safe reporting mechanisms, and provide mandatory training to prevent and address such incidents. Creating a supportive environment where survivors feel empowered to report abuse without fear of retaliation is fundamental in fostering a culture of respect and equality.

I remember those around me telling me "this is a normal thing in here,,, you're just acting like a child"


Am glad I became one. I will not give in to any form of SGBV.

Let's stand together to advocate for zero tolerance towards SGBV in workplaces. By challenging discriminatory practices and holding perpetrators accountable, we pave the way for a workplace where competence and professionalism thrive, devoid of fear, discrimination, or coercion.






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