Day 17- Sacred Transmutation: Empowering Women and Nurturing Conscious Relationships

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Menstruation 🩸 transmutation

Day 17- Sacred Transmutation: Empowering Women and Nurturing Conscious Relationships

Welcome to Day 17 of our journey into holistic relationships. Today, we delve into the profound opportunity for transmutation that exists within the realm of women's experiences, particularly during menstruation. We explore how embracing this process can empower women and lead to conscious relationships.

Menstruation as a Time of Transmutation:Menstruation, often viewed merely as a biological process, can be so much more. It has the potential to become a joyful and sacred expression of womanhood and a time of profound transmutation. During this phase, your true nature shines forth, embodying both the female aspect as the Goddess and the transcendental aspect as the divine Being beyond gender duality.

The Role of a Conscious Partner: If your male partner is conscious enough, he can play a pivotal role in this transformative process. By maintaining intense presence, particularly during moments when you may temporarily identify with the pain-body, he can provide unwavering support. This presence prevents the pain-body from being mistaken for your true self.

Remaining Present in the Face of the Pain-Body:Even if the pain-body attacks your partner, as it often does, his commitment to holding the space of intense presence remains unshaken. Reacting, withdrawing, or defending is replaced with presence. This unwavering presence, maintained by both partners, is all that's needed for the transformation to unfold.

The Birth of a High-Frequency Energy Field:Through these practices, a permanent energy field of pure and high frequency emerges within the relationship. Within this space, illusions, pain, conflicts, and anything that isn't rooted in love or authenticity cease to exist. It represents the realization of the divine, transpersonal purpose of your relationship—a vortex of consciousness that will draw others in.

Transforming Trapped Emotions:As we conclude, let's reflect on how trapped emotions often lead women to believe their partners are cheating or avoiding them. This cycle perpetuates problems in relationships. However, the key lies in both partners' awakening. If the man is not awake, the relationship may indeed face difficulties.

Day 17 concludes with an invitation to embrace mundefinedenstruation as a sacred time of transmutation and a reminder that conscious relationships can lead to profound transformations.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of self-discovery within the realm of relationships. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode, where we explore the art of working together harmoniously to nurture conscious connections.

If you have insights or experiences related to the transmutation process during menstruation or the empowerment of women in relationships, please feel free to share. Your stories inspire us all on this path of self-discovery and conscious relating.

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