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Dear girl the world is a big big world but your decision and plans makes it a better place or destroys you

That photo left me wondering what I was not doing back then that am doing today .decisions!!!!!!

Dear little girl if you can learn, then learn from my story.Today I received a photo, at first I laughed because I couldn't believe that was me,time flies so first, but we decide which path we want to lead, we live based on our decision.

Your decision can either make you or destroy you. It makes you when you decide to follow the right path, and it destroys you when you keep on repeating  the same mistakes and don't know the value of change. 

When I keenly looked the photo  I learnt.I have completely changed, am a grown woman today making decisions  and not regretting. I just turned 25this year. 

That photo was taken back in 2016,my son was just months old.i had made a decision of not aborting but I had no plans on how I was going to live, feed my self and the baby(provide).that year was the worst  in my life, I could go without meals maibe a cup of porridge would  do just for a night, my son future was not secure not forgetting mine. That year the land lord closed the door for me, when I went back to my sisters house, she had not yet forgiven me on the pregnancy I could not stay there so I had to sleep at a friends  house, I still thank her to date. That year I did things am embarrassed  to say just to provide some basic needs. That year I almost died because my ceserrian wound never healed and after some months it reopened and puss was coming out. BUT WHEN 2016 WAS COMING TO AN END, I made a decision  to try and change, have plans, set goals and I NEEDED JESUS. 

Am not perfect, I still have a painful  something bothering me but am not the way I used to be, because I made plans out of my decision. I owned my mistakes and rectified some major ones, and I never left the community that judged me and laughed me, I stayed and  made my self better. They just had to learn from my mistakes. 

Dear girl, life is not just decisions,it also involve plans and better out come. The world is a big big place where our decision  makes us but without plans then our decisions are useless, plan well, be your change own your mistakes, rectify them and become better than yesterday. 

Nice day ladies, it's Amonge from Kenya. 

Girl Power
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