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Dear little child, I know it happens, and I stand with you.

Dear mother, am stuck into this situation because you don't know. How would you know anyway, I can't speak and move, am just Afew months old baby. I don't blame you mother for trusting people around you with my care, but mother whenever I cry during diper or pant change,listen keenly ,am crying for your help mother, they touch my private parts but I have no choice. 

Dear mother, whenever you come back, at least if not bathing my body, create time with me for minutes. Check if am OK because am not. The aunt you left me with has turned my body to war field, I get slapped whenever I pee on my clothes, is it my fault mother?am just a little  child without efforts to lift my legs, my cheeks is always pinched and slapped, you think am sick but no mother am being abused under your own roof, I have loosed my appetite  that's why my chubby body is shrinking, am not sick. 

Dear mother, would you believe uncle Abuse's me, yes, your brother. You won't know because all you value is your work, whenever your back and he sees me close to you, he looks at me harshly. How I wish you noticed those eyes. At times he gives me his phone for games and warns me not to let you know, of late he has been caring he even buys me candies, at least he care,how will I know it's wrong, if you mother has never told me what's wrong  and right. Am just four years  old. 

Dear mother, it's not my fault. Dady came into my room and found me undressing, that's when he forsefuly  threw me on the bed and raped me, my screams brought you here, why can't you seek justice for me. Why don't you stop blaming me, am just 15years ,though my hormones have overgrown my body. Am not capable of seducing a man as you claim mother, that is suppose to be my father mother. Is that why you lock me in this room, am no longer allowed to play with my friends and whenever  you remember that incident mother, the beatings I get mother. Slowly am sinking, one of these days I will die so that you can live with your husband mother. 

#today I stand with every little  child who undergo gender based violence. 

It happens and some go out untold,because the babies are too young to speak, or some die in the process. 

#being a victim of child sexual abuse, I know and I stand with all these young ones in prayers.

#to all the mothers it's your responsibility to take care and raise your children, don't just trust everyone with your  children ,at some point create time with them, ask them questions, teach then and most importantly understand and stand up for them, see justice  for them. 

Nasimama na true, it's amonge from Kenya. 


Gender-based Violence
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