Dear Media, Be the voice of voiceless

MEDIA, when we read or listen this word, it sounds really powerful. It’s so powerful that it can cover whole world in it. Things which are happening in one part of the world can be communicated to other part of the world in seconds. Be it good or bad news, whole world will know it. Media has power to create the knowledge of many things, it is so effective that it can develop people’s perspective about a particular thing and can change it in good way or in bad way. It can make sympathetic story about a rapist and a bad story about the victim and vice versa. It can give limelight to a person sitting behind computer screen, can make his story a miracle by publicizing it and can vanish a genuine social worker by not highlighting the way it should be. It can be the reason of murder of a person who do not follow society values and then present him/her victim of honor killing as we have observed it in Qandeel Baloch case (A Pakistani Social Media Star). It can give huge fame to a tea seller in Pakistan just because of his looks in one day. In short, there are number of examples where media changed the entire scenario of a particular situation.

We have gained many benefits from media but today I am going to show another face of media which is horrible I am writing on a sensitive topic which needs our attention and being underreported. May be my blog will make no difference to current situation but may be it can encourage some people to raise their voice and their voice may matter. And further I will be personally satisfied that I tried to be the voice of voiceless; I tried to use this medium, this platform to help some people. I am not writing on this because I am Muslim but because I am human. Massacre of Rohingya people is not being ignored by mainstream media and nobody is raising voice for them. Their kids are being murdered, their women are being raped. Genocide of an entire generation is happening there but no media house is highlighting this issue the way it should be.

Even UN has described the Rohingya people as the world’s most persecuted people. They have suffered discrimination from generation to generation. They do not have citizenship of any country since years. Could anything be worse than that? They tried to escape themselves and move towards Bangladesh but even they are not accepting this large number of refugees. According to UN, Almost 3 lac 70000 Rohingya people have fled to country’s western state Rakhine. These camps lack the basic facilities of life and the community has to live in inhumane conditions. At least 400 people have been killed in the worst targeting the minority group. I am shivering while writing these figures. Do these people are suffering because of our silence?

All media groups know these figures and well aware but no one is taking stand for them. I can’t mention that how much I am disturbed these days because of the images and videos of Rohingya people are running on social media.

Sometimes I think, if there is no social media, would we have any source to know the reality? As no big media house is mentioning them in the right way. Some journalists from Pakistan tried to reach there, show the real picture but Burma Government did not allow them to go into Rakhine state and meet people and this is even painful. How can any government stop media people to reach any place to cover the stories? And while they are doing this, why world powers are not cutting off the relations with Burma Government?

We all know well that media can play its role in positive way then what is the reason of silence? I request to all big media houses to build pressure on Burma Government to stop this genocide. Media has a lot of power; it can do anything so wake up. I want them to do their job well. They are not supposed to communicate only paid content. For God sake, do something for people who can’t pay any material thing to you but God will be happy because you are being the part of make His world peaceful. Play your free and fair role in saving humanity in the world and discourage everyone who would be the reason of hurting humans in any way and there should not be any discrimination regarding religion, race or any such thing while media is doing this.

I want everyone to read my words and encourage each other to raise this issue. Help Rohingya people in any way you can. Even it’s using of media, funding them and if you have any links with different governments, do convince officials to send support there. Think about yourself, your women and your kids, put yourself on their place. Can you bear this entire inhumane act with you and your blood relations? Obviously, no one can even imagine facing such circumstances. The way to save you is save the oppressed people and stops the wrongdoers.

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