Dear mother earth,we offer you these words which we wrote with love and gratitude

I'm quite sure that you love us and you deeply appreciate living with us. you have never been inconstrat .you always try to offer us the best of your give the necessary and more you are always ready in the different moments to satisfy us to make us grow healthier stronger and happier neither us nor the previous generations you previde of your natural resources all of us benefit from the great wealth inside your soil or in deep water everyone enjoys the beauty in the sky and among your meadows you know mother is always largely kind and generous without seeking to be rewarded or something else you just wanted everyone of us to pay attention to the world, to the environment ,to the community ,to the area where we are living, a little care from us could change situations to the better Any good behavior towards nature, no matter how simple, is it is a reaction of gratitude to you.

Today I join my voice to those who knows the value of this nature , to those who are conscious about the importance of the world safety, to whisper in the ear of each of us that when our children see us taking care of those plants and flowers in the balcony of our houses our children won't do harm to that tree when they go out because they will remember that is something that matters with their mother earth ,so we adults we are the first screen through which the children can see the world outside.we need to be a good educators we are really sad to see.things getting worse .The climate changes is provoking many natural désastres starting by droughts, in mostly of your regions in the world The water springs have decreased, and the rain has diminished there lands dried and people' s living is becoming harder. fauna and flore are in a big danger besides the deadly floods in some countries and wide fires in forests in others. You are right we need to cry and fell tears before we could show regrets and sorrows we do apologize because we forget that this world does not belong only to us, human ,somewhere there exist other creatures which are threatened, too .we forget that we are offering unsafe world to the coming generations we forget that they have the right to live in clean and safe environment as well as their ancestors .we forget that we are the master of all creatures and it's we who is just distroying our unique world.

When we look around we see how pretty is life iwish we could take care of your environment to rescue every damage required by the human in fauna and flore the only one that has to be guided is we , human so we wonder if we would be willing to help you, your forests , your seas and your oceans , your soil and your atmosphere .you are in need to be treated better than you are nowadays you owe us to pay more attention to the air and water we recommend to reduce the use of toxic products.the garbage thrown by factories have to be recycled .we want to replant trees instead of those which were burnt we want to clean the seas and rivers whose water was ruined who ever anyone can do anything to save this world must do everything each one in his field science should be used to solve the several issues and scientist are asked to give less harmful inventions the science should be a good servant to this world

Everything about you is beautiful. You bear the bad and give the beautiful. You are patient with your sun and fresh water. The vast space and your quiet night. Your green trees and delicious fruits. You deserve all the love and all the peace. We offended you greatly when we acted selfishly, and today everyone is asking for your apology are so kind mother earth.

Climate Change
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