Dear younger me🖤

In all the million ways you were told you were not enough,you should never have believed it.You are more than capable.You need to forgive yourself for the missed milestones in life.First things first,you are going to make it through this,through everything.Now right here,right now...this is yours.This is your life.The way things are right now??They won't always be this way,things are going to change.But whatever your life is in this moment, it's yours to claim so claim it.

Own your life,make decisions you can feel good about,claim every single breath you take.Embrace everything you experience even those that don't feel good.Take over your life,you don't need others validation to believe that you are capable,take risks,dive into the unknown, eventually things have a way of aligning.Be bold , eliminate the negative thoughts,"What if I fall,but darling what if you fly ?"

Every up and down,every tear and thrill,this life is don't have to be like everyone,you have your own place in the world ,your own worth.In all the million ways you can be told you are not enough,don't believe in one of exactly who you are now is who you were meant to be,accept yourself now and you will be amazed at the person you become.

Sure you are going to stumble and you are going to learn,and you will grow over and trip after your own feet long after you thought you had it all figured out.That's okay.

Don't doubt how important you are.But don't take yourself to seriously either,because noone has it all figured everyone has a scar,is afraid of something and wants more than anything to infact the more you learn the more you will realize how little you know.That's the difference between knowledge and wisdom.If knowledge is power then wisdom is strength.

Pay attention to what heals you and stay close to it.when you are afraid to love again,go ahead and love again,when you are afraid to ask for help, go ahead and ask anyway.When life throws you down,go ahead and stand back again.Show the world how you turn pain into love,an ending into a beginning.

Know that it's never too late to be who you might be.Fight for you,make yourself proud and never forget where you come from.Keep pushing for yourself and the few that believed in you.I love you and am glad I met you now and realized your worth ,let go of the past traumas and see yourself as the great person you have always wanted to be.

You were raised by strong women(grandma and mama)and if there's one thing you were taught is how to make something from nothing.Believe in you,focus on yourself,be happy,enjoy the little things in life,be kind and keep believing in the beauty of your dreams.You will be that great lady you have always wanted to be.

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