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Ded Na Si Lolo (Grandpa is Dead)

This independent film entitled, Ded na si Lolo (Granpa is Dead) is a very Filipino way especially in having an impact with the superstitious traditions like in the story where a family member has passed away.

This Filipino tradition is so normal that watching the movie even if over and over again makes you laugh and think if the superstitions are all true. Cannot help but ask, who are the people keep saying those superstitions anyway.

The story is told in the eyes of Bobet, one of the grandsons of lolo or grandpa. The information was informed to one his daughters. The story was unfold in the start of the wake until its burial. However, you will laugh at the comic side of the Filipino superstitious traditions to it. There are tons actually. In reality it is true in the sense that we, Filipinos follow them because we tend to do it and nothing will go wrong.

For example, do not wear Red color attire when you are going to a wake. It will be disrespectful for the family of the dead or the dead himself or herself.

The order of the names of the family members in the casket should be chronological. Get it before the burial.

It is bad luck to have some tears at the casket of the dead.

It is good luck if we put certain money at the hand of the dead and then, get it and keep it once the start of the burial.

The rosary should be cut so that a family member will not be the next one to passed away.

If you want to change the attire of the dead, one must cut the attire at the back then put it in the dead. The dead has been stiff already and unlike the living, our body is flexible.

It is bad luck to take a shower or bath at the house where the dead's wake, even to the members of the family.

Also, it is bad luck to clean the house where the dead lies in it especially during the wake. It is forbidden to accompany the guests leaving the wake.

If there is a chick on top of the casket, the one who passed away died was murdered. So, people do not asked questions how the person died.

Also, it is good luck when you see the marching of the dead to throw some coins in the street where the dead will pass. They say that the dead will use it in the afterlife to pay towards their journey.

At the burial, when there is a young child, the child should be passed back and forth on top of the casket so that the dead will not visit them.

The loved one passed away should be buried before 12 noon so that there is no bad luck in the family.

Make sure that there are plenty of food all the time most of all in the last night of the wake and nevertheless, in the wake itself. People will eat especially after the burial and that they are accompanying you and your family in this time of grief.

Now, it is very funny where Filipinos get these superstitious beliefs but we always follow them. Nothing to loose if we should do all these things. Somehow, I came to think why we, Filipinos do these superstitious beliefs.

I would always question these Filipino practices especially if a loved one passed away. Before I forget, there is also a practice for the 40 days from the time the loved one passed away. Now, that is a different story.

I enjoyed watching this film. The casts are perfect for the movie. All the actors and actresses are mostly doing independent films and I should say that they are very credible actors/actresses in what they are doing. It is so natural to watch them as if they are the ones who are experiencing this lost. They are all great from the main characters to the supporting ones. I tend to think if film is just one take because they are all awesome.

Everyone may learn in this kind of film as well as entertained. I did even if I have watched it over and over again. You will tend to like it too.

Enjoy the movies my dear readers. Relax and watch a movie.

South and Central Asia
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