Defyhatenow Empowers Votech Bamenda Students with ASKotec Bootcamp

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Votech Bamenda Students with ASKotec kit

The Access to Skills and Knowledge Network (ASKnet) open technology is gaining significant traction in Cameroon, thanks to the #defyhatenow initiative, which is effectively leveraging it to empower the youth and advance peace-building endeavors.

Recently, Defyhatenow organized an ASKotec Bootcamp for S7 Votech students in Bamenda, providing them with immersive hands-on experience with this versatile open-source platform. The program included interactive workshops and practical exercises, enabling students to acquire valuable skills in the following areas:

  • Electronics and Circuit Building
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Project Design and Realization

The participants' enthusiasm and dedication were truly inspiring. They not only successfully designed and implemented a variety of innovative projects but also demonstrated exceptional commitment throughout the process. Some of the projects they worked on included Solar Touch Lights, Solar Chargers and Power Banks, Traffic Lighting Systems, and Digital Design Works, all contributing to the vision of Building a Brighter Future with Technology.

This comprehensive training program equips young minds with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Become proactive agents of positive change
  • Develop sustainable solutions for local challenges
  • Harness technology for the promotion of peace and social welfare

Vianney Forewah, the lead trainer from Nexgen Group, underscored the significance of this initiative, emphasizing that investing in the education and technology skills of the youth is pivotal for building a brighter future. He highlighted that the ASKotec kit empowers young people to become innovators and problem-solvers, thereby driving positive change in their communities.

Defyhatenow's unwavering dedication to youth empowerment is evident in their commitment to providing ongoing support to the Votech Bamenda students, encouraging them to continue exploring and experimenting with the ASKotec kit. This initiative lays the groundwork for nurturing a generation of tech-savvy and socially responsible citizens who can actively contribute to building a more peaceful and sustainable future for Cameroon.

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