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Digitally empowered and thriving

It wasn't until I got intentional about what I fed my eyes and mind via the internet that I got to meet amazing people who have since positively shaped my idea of life, I have since managed to come across opportunities that I would otherwise haven't found and availed myself to them. As a young woman I battled with insecurities, the need for validation by other people and low self esteem. One day whilst browsing my LinkedIn profile I came across a young woman like me, I had seen her post about various topics on her Facebook page but I never paid that much attention, this particular day I decided to send her a message to say I would like to meet in person because I have this dream but I just don't know where or how to start. Her response was positive of course and on the 7th February 2014 we met at Mug & Bean (Game City Mall, Gaborone) and chatted over coffee, what struck me was she asked me the following questions: What is your greatest fear? What do you hope to achieve in your life? Why do you want to run with this dream that you have? I thought to myself, her inner beauty surpassed the outer one, we just met and she takes me so seriously. She explained the importance of personal development, she told me the reason some people are so stuck in a job they hate was because they didn't develop themselves and this hit home (she was unknowingly talking to one of those people-me) and I said oh crap you got me. And from that meeting I ventured into personal development, networking and talking myself out of having fear of the unknown. I had to get out of my comfort zone because that was the place where my dreams died. All this came to light at the click of a mouse via the internet. I had to build networks with people who shared my sense of purpose and it is coming up so well I can unashamedly testify to being digitally empowered. Motivational speakers, mentors, career coaches pages on LinkedIn, Facebook have also being a huge inspiration, some knowingly and some unknowingly, I remember there was a time when I wanted to let go because I doubted myself, question like who am I to want to do this, who will listen to me were clouding my mind and at that moment I thought I have to quit and I came across a post by one lady by the name Amanda (a mentor) that basically talked me out of letting fear win. Everyday I learn something new, I have access to news around the world, employment opportunities, mentorship programmes to name but a few. Online empowerment can lead to offline empowerment if and when someone is willing to go all out and avail themselves to tasks and opportunities that the internet provides, some people are always willing to go an extra mile as already outlined above where I managed to ask to meet someone and they agreed to meet without any hesitation. It is a choice really, online empowerment serves no purpose if individuals are not awakening to calls to be better individuals and ultimately help better their societies. Women like any other group of people are critical in socio-economic and political landscapes in the world, when digitally empowered women have access to education, opportunities that would advance their participation and inclusion in developments and this would go a long way in ensuring women claim their role in creating the change they would love to see in the world. This can only happen if connections built via the internet are beneficial, thus spreading meaningful information and knowledge, it makes no sense to make connections that don't challenge you to rise above your fears, doubts and insecurities so it is imperative that connections women forge have substance in them. they say knowledge is power and through the internet women will be powerful to create positive changes. I can confidently say I have been empowered digitally and took it offline as well, it is an ongoing process and I am thriving whilst at it!

Girl Power
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