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Disability and Culture

To be born with a disability around the 80s or 90s can't really be compared to these our 21st centuries. The difference I have come to notices is huge,Speaking from the context of African.

Disability then was a curse, a taboo. The family with a disabled kid had sin before the ancestors and hence that child or kid was their punishment from the gods.

Before Christianity came to Africa, Africans already available worship was  traditional worship through these smaller carve deities call gods. Even as it still practice among other Africans.

​​With this type of worship it was mandary for every head of the family(father) to go to the shrine to find out why a disable child was born to the family. Visiting the festive priest requires you go with gift to appeal to the gods. Mostly, food items are most pleasing. When your gift is accepted, the priest will process with your mission.

In most cases, the respond from the gods is always entangled or related with the disabled kid. And for sure because the family both mother or father had done something mischievously in the past, WoW.

Its so severe to the extend that selebrospinal kids or spastic kids are kills in some families. These kids are called (snakes) in disguised. Therefore, families are instructed to killed them to avoid great misfortune.

All these barbaric acts were very rampant in the 80s and 90s when I was born. Praise be to the Almighty God in Heaven that I was not part of these dead ones else you will not have the opportunity to read this my story.


Today, I am much glad to say change has found us. If any family is caught putting any of their disabled kids to dead and reasons are proving to be the disability, the law definitely will deal with you drastically. Also, then Christianity came and the Bible save us. The bible disputed with great honor what the then traditional s priest were saying about the sin of a disabled kids. 

In jesus's ministry, he was confronted with a similar question: Why kids are born with disability? His answer was very honouring. When he said no any disabled kid had sin but some are created different honor God as to his power ship.".  "

Culture there say is dynamic and over centuries we have come to benefit from these change as disabled people or persons living with disabilities. 


Culture is unique, its what identified you so is your disability but dont let any defined you. Being a Person With Disabilities (PWDs) is special, and you got to let it show. See yourself as who you want to be not what others want you to be.

Be capable of what you can do and go for it. I have seen other PWDs allowed their disability defines them, society defines them and they accept it. You are different! You are unique! You are powerful and Dont let any body takes that away from you.


Upon my Dad's visit to the traditionalist to enquire about me. He was told I was going to be GREAT in the future, henceforth the reasons I am still alive and kicking. If you are a PWDs let the world feel your greatness.


Disability Justice
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