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Disability by choice

Everyone must have heard enough about Afghanistan after 15th August, 2021. This is a dark day in Afghan people’s lives but also humanity’s history. For those who wonder why? Because around 30 million people were put under a terrorist group’s rule, children were left to die of hunger, women were left to the corner of walls with slavery and disappointments and the entire population were betrayed for 20 years. 

In its May 2020 study, The Asia Foundation study highlighted that, in Afghanistan, 80 % of adults live with some form of disability (24.6 % mild, 40.4 % moderate and 13.9 % severe forms) as do 17.3 % of children, aged between 2 and 17. 

You know where this rate of disability is coming from? From WAR, fightings, conflicts for decades, poverty and climate. The world has forgotten Afghanistan, YES!!! My heart pains when I see empty words but no action!!

The world has stopped talking about women and girls in Afghanistan, and I AM in PAIN! I feel pity that we human beings have no courage to speak out on what is going on in Afghanistan. 2022 is going to be a disaster for human lives in Afghanistan, 90% children are in danger of death because of hunger, girls no more go to school and universities, people are begging to eat one time food in Afghanistan and the world needs justice for disabled women! 

Hey world, my mother had a definition for disability, are you ready to listen, I think you should be! 

“ if you have an eye, you witness injustice and you’re quite, you are a disable  person. If you have hands and you can help somebody but you choose not to, you are a disabled person. If you have a voice but you don’t dare to raise it agains inhumanity, then you are a disable person. Thus, if you have the conscious and you make a decision to witness injustice and inequality, you are a disable person.” Having said that, I am so sorry to see my fellow sisters, brothers and friends around the world to be a disable person and I stand up with all of them for their equal rights! You are not a disable person my friend, you chose to be!


I am shouting out loud with pain while my heart has shattered into pieces with the world not only forgetting Afghanistan but also standing against Afghan refugees in Europe and other parts of the world who left their everything to save their lives! 


I will not forgive the God, who chose me to be born in Afghanistan, a geography of hatred, killings,  injustice and inequality. I lived all my life in Afghanistan, in Pakistan with discrimination, with feeling of unworthiness, deprived of my rights and now I am in Europe  to feel the same. 


I support every single step to make the world a better place not only for privileged human beings with health, safety, homeland but also for human beings who are differently abled( disabled), who don’t have homes and homeland and are not safe. The world owes a lot to the second category! 

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