Do we really empower women????

I have just one question to ask, “Do we really empower women”? “Have you ever tried to empower a lady suffering in her life”?. Sometimes we neglect and ignore such women and let them deal with their own struggles, and then when these women have healed themselves they start talking about empowerement, but what really happens, we never go out and try to save women who are in pain. We watch them, talk about them, believe they are facing their karma or they deserved it, or we try to paint them in a negative light that she must be the cause of what she is going through. Why do we do that? I have seen many such men and women in my life who know the struggles a woman is facing, but they fail to empathise with her situation and leave her alone to lick her wounds. We need to educate about the nuanced challenges women confront. What we need is proactive empathy, profound understanding and authentic support. We need more men and women to acknowledge and redress about the multifarious torments and struggles that women grapple with and that will cultivate a society stepped in compassion and understanding towards other women which will surpass the confines of judgement. It all starts with being kind. When we act from kindness every wound can be healed and every soul can be uplifted. Let’s collectively cultivate an atmosphere wherein every woman finds resonance, sustenance and genuine empowerment.

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