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Documentary Proposal for the girl child and women

Voices of Women –
Proposal for a New Documentary

David Kenneth Waldman of To Love Children and Laura Seltzer of Seltzer Film & Video have partnered to produce a series of documentaries on girl children living in the developing world. Their first documentary, Voices of Women, listens to the voice of a girls and women in the developing world. The voices of the most vulnerable, marginalized and poor girls and women do not have any prospects of being heard. Her thoughts, feelings, fears, and hopes express her desire to free herself of the cycle of poverty by obtaining an education.

Voices of Women captures the voices of girls as she embarks on her path in becoming a woman. Listen to the story of women looking back to their passage and how they overcame the hardships of poverty. In the developing world girls remain invisible and her voice muted. A girl cannot reach the full capacity of what it means to achieve the human destiny of discovery, exploration, creativity, the arts, science, and participate in building civil society if her voice is seldom heard. Voices of Women listens to women tell their story from the perspective of various stages of her development into adulthood.

Voices of Women teaches that education for girls needs opportunity, as water needs a dam to channel its potential energy into productive uses for society. Girls need occasions to be able to express her voice. Learn from the voices of girls, adolescents, and women who have earned for themselves a productive role in society for, her family, and her nation. The path to gender equality is first allowing her to be heard.

Voices of Women listens to voices of females when they are small and defenseless, speaking about her needs for gender equality, her request for knowledge, and the joy that fills her heart as she takes steps toward her independence. This documentary captures the enthusiasm to embrace life, exploration of her creativity, and hear that the voice of women have unconditional love that can only be heard when she is able to participate with equality.

Voices of Women will be filmed in 2010. To Love Children and Seltzer Film & Video is presently seeking grants, donations, and in-kind donations such as; frequent flyer miles and hotel expenses to defray production costs. It is important to document the voices of women to better appreciate the necessity of engaging in social change projects for the girl child.

To Love Children Educational Foundation International, Inc.
707 President Street Suite 1818 Baltimore, MD. 21202 410.528.8294

To Love Children is a NGO in Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

Seltzer Film & Video
Georgetown Production Office: 3299 K Street NW, Suite 101, Washington DC 20007 202.210.4689

Seltzer Film & Video is a full service production company producing social action videos that inspire change.

Northern America
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