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Does the truth exist?

What is the truth anyway? Is it something we strive for all our lives? Does it need to be reached? Women all over the world are striving to clear up their minds and find their TRUE identity, their true sense of belonging. Bolivian women find themselves in the midst of a painful equation: follow the rules of the left wing that is in the government nowadays, or find thier space within the liberals. As I mentioned in a previous article, the social construction of violence in Bolivia has changed dramatically. The truth of violence exerted against women to manipulate them is undeniable. A woman Senator who quit the line of Evo Morales' political party, MAS, has been beaten near to death three weeks ago. And the MAS militia took her house over claiming it had become 'social property'. MAS women in the National Assembly for the New Constitution, in 2007, voted against the change of a law that was to give rapists a much higher number of years in prison after the men of their party abruptly adjourned the session and met with them. They claimed they had changed their minds because men were right: it could be their own husbands or sons or brothers who could suffer in prison 'bacause a mischivious woman could accuse them falsely'. Case closed. MAS men make the decisions for their women. That is the truth. But the number of women in MAS lists for candidates are the highest ever, and mass media spots and jingles, plus international press, are reflecting the true fact that there are more women in the government. The truth is MAS's strategy of inclusion is a mediatic show. They need the numbers. The truth is women are strictly there to follow men's mandate, or else. 'Else' meaning they are beaten up and have to lose their homes. Period.
But MAS women suffering this treatment say: 'The truth is we have been included for the first time'. I tell them: Don't let the numbers fool you. If you can't follow your hearts, you are not really included. You are just puppets on the hands of skillful puppeters.
Now, if I told them this truth face to face, I would be the one beaten up to near death. Because violence is also used as a way of imposing their 'truth', I would be labeled in my society as 'opposition' when my truth is, I am not opposed to them. I would just like them to match their truth, to what they actually DO everyday.

One time my husband, in a hurry to take my kid to a school trip, got really mad at me because I was late. He crashed the car. He blamed me for it, arguing that if I hadn't been late he wouldn't have crashed. I llistened to his shouting arguments, and peacefully answered: 'In the bottomline, YOU crashed it, not me. That is the truth.' He changed his attitude.

Women of the world, don't let men decide for you. Follow your hearts. Find your own truth. Don't let them convince you it is your fault. Find your identities inside of you: Be the daughters of your moms, the indian, the inter racial, the white, the black. Follow the femenine line.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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