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He told us that it is a challenge to keep the children abandoned by the community and help them to return to the society.

This essay is written for those who are stuck with witchcraft or negative thinking. Our non-profit organization, SWACIN, that Ioperate from a far distance in Japan ( ! )in July 2015 sent our volunteer members to interview and film the children victimized by witch-hunt in Eket, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. The name of the orphanage is called Childs' Rights Rehabilitation Network. The orphanage head, Sam Itauma, told us that it was easy to pick a child from the street, but was tremendous challenges to feed more than 50 children, to send them to schools, and to persuade people in the community that witchcraft does not exist. It blows our mind as outsiders to even think of the parents who can abuse or kill their own children because they believe that devils possessed their children, but it happens daily in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Through the interview, we learned that the CRARN wants advocacy program to educate the community that witchcraft never existed and they should entirely stop practicing the child abuse. Since then we have developed Anti-witchcraft seminar committee among the volunteers to exchange ideas on what to do to educate the indigene.

With my own limited resources, I gathered my ideas here to tell the witchcraft believers why they are wrong and what they were doing wrong. When I was in Nigeria 4 years ago, I have seen many Nigerians who dwell in witchcraft belief and could not get away from the deep fear and negative thoughts associated with witchcraft. Practically speaking, they were unable to have normal happy life. If one can realize the detrimental impact of witchcraft and want to be free from witchcraft, it is important to overcome the witchcraft fear and negative thoughts. Such change may not be easy and might take some time with daily efforts but I believe that it is achievable.

Take for instance; one will not be able to adjust immediately when one comes from darkness to the light, as if he or she has gone through a long tunnel, and suddenly sees the light. It is quite uncomfortable. By the same way, turning negative thinking into positive thinking can be uncomfortable process and one needs to gather strength before she or he can adjust the way of thinking. To gain such strength, getting away from witchcraft influences may be the priority. Because negative influences from witchcraft concept are terribly damaging to the natural view of the world around us. Witchcraft, has forced many people to dwell with negative thoughts by hating, grumbling, and complaining daily. The result is telling their own children that they are unwanted, cursed, non-valued. Thus, such people dwelling with witchcraft should by all means be avoided.

These negativities and fear are obstacles for women or men to become full well-beings.Though, practically speaking,witchcraft does not exist as real thing but mistakenly believed that they exist as the truth.The following example is based on my real experience in Nigeria, and may show you clearly how things can go wrong.

Richard “I have purchased 3 boiled eggs, but you gave me raw eggs instead. We want exchange these raw eggs to boiled eggs.”

Gloria “I am sorry, sir but we do not exchange once the items are purchased.”

Do you know what happened behind the conversation? Gloria was worried because of her fear that witchcraft spell may be transmitted to the eggs. However, there were no faults in Richard when he asked clearly for boiled eggs while Gloria misheard him. It was not his mistake that he got the raw eggs, but it was Gloria’s. Therefore, Gloria should give the money back to Richard or give boiled eggs that Richard purchased. Now see the conversation below, how she made such fear into a positive exchange.

Richard “I have purchased 3 boiled eggs, but you gave me raw eggs instead. We want these eggs to be exchanged.”

Gloria “I am sorry, sir. Let me give you boiled eggs.”

Notice here that she managed to please the customer instead of dwelling on the idea that the raw eggs that customers took back have any spells. Serving not witchcraft but the customers, there is far better chance that the customer will come back to the shop. It will be good for anyone to live in the environment where no one holds negative thoughts and fear of witchcraft.

Fear inspires fears. The wrong ideas can escalate to the extent that group of people or community develop unrealistic ideas and even harm one another.

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