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Don't be slave of hate. Open letter to an Azerbaijani citizen

Hi, ordinary unknown citizen of Azerbaijan. I am writing this letter being very simple citizen of Armenia.

The 27th of September has changed a lot in our two separate lives. I was preparing to mountain hiking on the mentioned day, when suddenly the event was canceled in the morning. The whole media was full with the articles on: “This morning Azerbaijan has started large-scale war, bombing also civilian villages and towns”. I realized… the hell has begun: now war has started. I didn’t panic but something was obvious: life would never be as it had been before.

Since childhood I haven’t perceived the nations, fraught with a craving to destroy.  The same way, if we transfer the international problems into interpersonal area, I can’t understand people, who try to establish themselves through destruction, hurt and violation like bloodthirsty beasts do. I don’t get it because such kind of aggression and hate attitude toward people are not fit into my and my nation’s values.

Psychopathy and national characteristics-There is a wide used vocational term within the science of psychology, called “psychopathy”. It is considered to be as serious psychological illness, dealing with mental problems. Taking account several articles and psychologists’ analyzes, I would like to emphasize some features of the mentioned illness (professionals, of course, have deeper understanding about the problem): the psychopaths get great pleasure hurting someone, they have a lack of empathy,  don’t have a feeling of regret,  psychopaths have a concrete goal (they live, exist for that aim): the whole destruction of his/her victim without any penitence. Of course, this psychological problem is typical to a person and cares purely interpersonal characteristics, but studying the history of ethnic groups, unfortunately, I have noticed the  features of the disease, mentioned above, also in the nature of some nations: Turkey and Azerbaijan always had desire and still have one common ambition: to eliminate Armenian ethnos  in order to be self-established in the region as carriers of the ideology named Great Turan (fusion of Turkish nations to form great empire. Turkish tribes (seljuks and tatars), according not only to Armenian sources, have been settled in the region since the 11th  and 13th centuries, violating, destroying the cultures that had been created for centuries: Byzantine, Greek and Armenian rich cultures, as well as  innocent people  have been massacred,  destroyed during these centuries without any regret. Of course, there is opposite version in your school textbooks and reading this part, makes you taunt and laugh at me but truth objectively exists in the reality even if your country tries to falsify the history and facts. 

Hate speech -And now again you want to make genocide. But…violence and evil ambitions are not always finished with success.  While aggression and hate speech has been grown with you since the first first lullaby: “Armenian is dushman (enemy, opposite side). We must kill, annihilate and hurt them”. Hate speech is so much spread in your country that the society has already turned into kind of zombie “psychopaths” (without wishing to offense someone).Hate speech toward Artsakh and Armenia will be destroyable first of all for you: the hate propaganda gives a birth of other negative emotions as well and one day you will start to hate, to destroy yourself. One day the Hate speech will work against you. It is impossible to hate, to spread aggression, to taunt, criticize, to lie and at the same time to be happy. Happy person does his best to live in peace, harmony, stability, regardless of religion, nationality, race, geographical position, political views, etc. Every morning you repeat the phrases like mantra: “Qarabagh is Azerbaijan. Kill that occupants, etc.” Without taking account that Artsakh (Qarabagh) is historically Armenian land and ethnic Armenians, living in Artsakh, expressed their will to be independent from Azerbaijan in 1991, arranging referendum because your country had started to violate. And still now you destroy the right of self-determination of Artsakh people.

The differences between me and you: I wake up in the morning thinking what can I do today to make something useful for me and my country, while you wake up and think what to do against your enemy. You don’t like yourself. The time of taking care of yourself is spent to hate me, while time is running. You bomb, violate the territory about which you cry as if it is yours. Would you destroy your room, apartment? No. Your aggressive attitude proves once more that Artsakh is Armenian land because the real owner of his Home makes it clean and takes care of it. You destroy churches, laugh at our God, while Christianity teaches us to tolerate other religions, cultures. Yes, it is very hard to have neighbor, belonging to different civilization. But the Human Being who is sitting inside of you, should stand higher than Islam, Azerbaijan, oil, gas and panthurmism. Please, don’t be cheap puppet of hate propaganda, Aliev Klan, who blocks each of us (simple citizens of Armenia) on twitter )) At least, very unserious and coward dictator  who is afraid of opposite opinion.

I wish that after war, you would seat on the balcony drinking coffee and making plans to do life more harmonious and peaceful and in your daily routine agenda the destruction of me would be the last point to think about. Don’t be slave of hate but Be the Lord of your harmony and true happiness.  Peace to all of us!

#Armenia #war #Azerbaijan #Artsakh #Karabakh #SouthCaucasus #Humanlivesmatter

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