Dream bigger

My Graduation ceremony Speech for Diploma programme in Cape Town, The Institute of Transformation, Kleinmond. 

I was given the opportunity to encourage graduands.

Here is my speech if you are interested.....

Dream Bigger

I thank you TFT for the opportunity given to me today to encourage my fellow transformers. 

It is a great honour to be here to celebrate with you all. And less we forget, this is a privilege not given to many. 

We are here on an assignment on this earth. It is a spiritual assignment that must not be abandoned for whatever reason.  

This is the time you're needed most on earth, and you cannot disappoint us now. 

You graduate today but to graduate is not the end of it, to graduate is to gradually change - like a chrysalis becoming a butterfly, or a cocoon becoming a moth: It is your becoming; your dream.

Today is not the end of your transformation training. Today, is the beginning of your transformational journey.It is the new moment of becoming what you are meant to become on earth.

The universe has been waiting for you. The entirety of humankind has been waiting for your manifestation. 

Now, It is your time to lead with your people, surrounded by your people, working for your people, and supporting your people in transforming their own lives. One life at a time. 

I was privileged to graduate from TFT in 2011.  

Then, I was eager to graduate, as my personal experience with few other participants, during my first phase was not pleasant at all. I thought that, when I walk away, that will be the end.....

But, not knowing that TFT is where one graduates, but never departs from the school as it guarantees a forever Transformational learning for all of us.

We are one family. 

TFT is a life-long training, it is a journey. We are transformation pilgrims on pilgrimage, - till death do us part. 

When I came to TFT, I came as a lone ranger. 

I worked alone, too poor to have an employee. I was a One - man Mobile Police. I was the CEO, the coordinator, programme officer, Cleaner and I was my Messenger. But, I left TFT with a dream bigger than my world, and with my life - long four TFT bibles; these became my to-go-to, in times of trouble, also I left with my spiritual personal advisor-cum-mentor.

I left Kleinmond with a fire filled - heart, ready to devour any obstacles standing between my dream and I.

 I was on fire!

 I was ready to consume whatever challenges that will deter me from achieving my new dream.

Dreaming became my encourager. My bedroom wall became my Dream board. Not even the all- mighty - poverty could stand on my way of achieving my dreams.

I was fully charged and sold out for Transformation, just like all of you now.  Keep on fanning the flame. Keep the fire burning. Keep the dream alive. Make it huge.

The more I dream bigger, the more the reality becomes too small for my projects. 

I came to TFT with my 10 feet by 8 feet under the canopy - small - office, in 512 Road, Festac, but I left with a - 100 acre dream. When I look back today, only twelve years in-between, my only regret in life is dreaming small. I always beat myself for dreaming small. Look at me today, we have that 100 acres today that used to be my dream; coming from 8 feet by 10 feet office to 100 acre-land!

What if it was a 100,000 acre dream!

I will encourage you today to dream bigger. Dont make same mistake. Dream is free. Therefore, it costs you nothing to dream bigger. 

This is because you are different, you are  Transformers on a spiritual assignment for transformation; and your case is different because the universe is in support of your every move. And, one day, you will look back to discover that all your dreams came to manifestation. 

The bigger the dream, the more people you will impact, the more communities you will extend your programmes to, and the more opportunities for extending Transformation initiatives to many nations around the globe.

I beg you, stop playing small. You have a very big God.

Whatever the dream you are dreaming of now, NOW is the right time to take off. Don't wait. Act Now!

Time flies; we have limited of it. No one lives forever. 

The world needs YOU now, more than ever!

 The world needs Transformers because we have integrity, we are sincere, we are passionate and we are World Light. 

The world needs our Light.

And, today, is the right time to create that new world, a healthier, better, kinder world. 

The world needs world- Transformers, so badly.

Wake up the world with your kinder and bigger dream done with your, little - daily - positive actions for transformation.

Lastly, we do not say goodbye as transformers.

We say see you soon, as we will continue to meet always.

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ugabantu.

Thank you again, for this rare opportunity, to have me in speak in your presence.

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